-Sorry if this has already been brought up-

    • Update: There is now a search on to find the exact time of when Ajira 316 took off and when it landed on the Island. I thought I was 100% that the plane landed in 2007, but now I'm not sure on that either (main reason: the numbers being broadcast to the pilots).**

Okay, so in a few blog post's before this "Are you satisified with Jacob's explanation?", there was a comment by Elliebellie that Jacob was killed in 2007 as this is what time the Ajira 316 flight landed. We all know that Jack, Kate, Sayid, etc; were all transported to 1977, but others like Bram, Ilana, Sun and Frank were transported to 2007. However, the plane took off in 2008.

Now, Elliebellie commented that Jacob died in 2007, BUT, he visited Hurley before Ajira 316 took off in 2008!?

What I'm getting at is that this is either proof that Jacob was not killed in 2007 or the writers have made a MASSIVE continuity error...and I am praying that it isn't an error because that would be MAJOR! Therefore is this proof, or are we to believe that, Jacob is still alive?

Once again, sorry if this topic has been fully discussed but I just don't want this to be an error in the continuity part...I honestly believe there is reasoning behind the fact they made Jacob visit Sayid and Hurley AFTER Oceanic 815. But they wouldn't want us to realise Jacob isn't really dead so clearly...


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