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  • Daneveritt

    Alternate Timelines

    July 28, 2009 by Daneveritt

    Okay, so when I gave my theory about this earlier in the year I was confident that it has some backbone, but a couple of people didn't think so (see my blog Basically it talks about how Desmond was able to change time once before only by correcting it himself (with the purchasing of the engagement ring then throwing it away), this happened after the magnetic anomoly at the Swan. Which may happen to those affected near the Swan in the 70's.

    Think about it, the writers wouldn't work up so much story about Desmond's 'mind travelling' if it didn't mean anything in the long run. My theory is that Jack, Hurley, Kate, etc, will travel back to random times in there life,…

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  • Daneveritt

    Hurley Bird

    June 8, 2009 by Daneveritt

    So I've been doing some research on Egyptian culture and symbols just in case I came across anything relative to Lost. I was reading about common Egyptian tattoos, and it turns out that the phoenix is incorporated into Egyptian culture.

    I never really thought of it before, as I always presumed the phoenix was just a mythical creature made up in ancient storytelling, but it is quite significant in Egyptian history. What if, the Hurley Bird is a phoenix? It would make sense with the Egyptian theme coming into play massively in the last season, and would give the Producers another reason to say they knew how it was going to end all along (because the Hurley Bird was seen in Season 1). I know phoenix's aren't usually green but this could just b…

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  • Daneveritt

    -Sorry if this has already been brought up-

      • Update: There is now a search on to find the exact time of when Ajira 316 took off and when it landed on the Island. I thought I was 100% that the plane landed in 2007, but now I'm not sure on that either (main reason: the numbers being broadcast to the pilots).**

    Okay, so in a few blog post's before this "Are you satisified with Jacob's explanation?", there was a comment by Elliebellie that Jacob was killed in 2007 as this is what time the Ajira 316 flight landed. We all know that Jack, Kate, Sayid, etc; were all transported to 1977, but others like Bram, Ilana, Sun and Frank were transported to 2007. However, the plane took off in 2008.

    Now, Elliebellie commented that Jacob died in 2007, BUT, he v…

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  • Daneveritt

    The only real person known to have ever changed the past on Lost is Desmond. Remember when Desmond went into the store when we first met Eloise? This is a pivotal moment in the show.

    Before Desmond ever crashed on the Island, he went into the store and didn't buy the ring. However, after turning the fail safe key, went back in time to that moment and changed his mind. This was the first example of a variable being used. He was on track to changing the future, but Eloise talked him out of it. There was no course correction, simply just Eloise having a chat with Desmond and making him change his mind.

    In saying this, it is clear that one will only be able to change the past after having lived through the past before, traveling through time in …

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  • Daneveritt

    Now, this theory is open to interpretation. In The Cost of Living, Locke describes to Eko, that his encounter with the Monster was seeing a 'bright light'. This bright light is where your interpretation starts: if you believe that Locke saw the normal, black smoke monster we've all seen before (and he just saw it differently to everyone else) then this theory isn't for you. But if you believe he saw something different, read with an open mind.

    First of all, I will put to you: If this bright light was just the normal black smoke monster, then why wasn't it shown on the episode? Why would the writers leave out the smoke monster here?

    My theory is that Jacob is the bright (white?) smoke monster, and his Nemesis is the black smoke monster. Obvio…

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