• 1. Season premiere of Lost the other day
  • 2. Tomorrow: The Super Freakin Bowl!
  • 3. Lost episode #2 two days later.

Any football fans out there? What's the general consensus for tomorrow? Colts or Saints? Got any cool plans for the game?

I'm a little torn myself. I'm a huge Saints fan! Drew Brees played for Purdue when I was going there, so I've been following him for years. However, this area is filled with Colts pride and it rubs off after a while. How can you not like Peyton Manning? He's amazing! It's one of those rare games where I'm super excited for both teams, and I'll likely be cheering for every play.

I've got a whole house full of Colts fans coming over, but I'll be in my Drew Brees jersey. My whole house is going to be decorated with black and gold, and I'll have a big Saints flag hanging in my kitchen. So it should be an interesting day.

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