Yeah, I had a good post going, but I screwed it up. I think I'll just briefly touch on what I was thinking.

I was raising questions about Ben's backstory that we haven't seen yet. Where did he get his knowledge of the Island? Where did he get his training? Who has been influencing him this whole time? I think that Jacob's enemy's has been manipulating Ben as well as everybody else.

Long story short... I imagine this Enemy person is like Sauron from the Lord of the Rings. Until he could get a hold of John Locke he's been sort of disembodied. Using powers of psychic manipulation on the inhabitants of the Island until now. I think that the Smoke Monster isn't really an entity in and of its self. I think it could just be a manifestation of this Enemy dude's powers. I was watching "The Shape of Things to Come" and really got inspired on this front. I thought the title had kind of a double meaning. It was showing us a glimpse of the future with regards to Ben's journey off of the Island, but maybe a little hint of what we're in store for during Season 6.

Ben goes into the ancient tunnels and somehow summons the Monster. How did he do this? Who controls the Monster? I never really thought that evil-John and the Monster were the same person before. I'm still not totally sold, even on my own theory.

I just liked the way that real-John asks Ben about the Monster, and Ben answers that the Others don't have a name for it. It's just this phenomenon on the Island. Like a storm.

I've always been under the assumption that there's an evil force behind Ben's rise to power. Even before this "Jacob's enemy" person came around. I just figured that the person everyone had referred to as Jacob was just crazy messed up. Why else would a dirty bastard like Ben be given total responsibility for the Island's safety?

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