I believe that we all have a purpose to what we do. I don't mean destiny. I mean motivation.

What is my motivation for spending so much time on this website?

I love Lost. That's obvious.

I love to come together as a community to discuss this totally awesome show with people who appreciate it as much as I do.

I also have lofty expectations for all of us. I think that this show deserves intelligent, thorough, and passionate analysis.

Sometimes I feel that the nature of the Internet, and wiki-sites specifically, give people the ability to say whatever crazy thing they want, and it becomes legitimate. Now it exists for real, in print, forever. Add into consideration, a show like Lost. Ideas out of complete left field can all of a sudden seem feasible. However, that's not the best method of putting these pieces together.

I think that every theory on this site should be put under harsh scrutiny, and if it doesn't pass a reasonable test of logic or evidence-based analysis, then it should be discarded. We have to hold each other accountable. This doesn't mean we should just crap all over each others' ideas. That would be counter-productive. It wouldn't inspire change as much as it would fuel ignorance. I just mean that we should hold our own ideas up to the flame. See if they burn under scrutiny. It would keep so much of the nonsense at bay.

I have put myself in that position from time to time, and people don't like it. If I see logical flaws within a theory, I'll squash it back. It doesn't always mean that I have the answers. NOBODY HAS ALL OF THE ANSWERS. I don't assume I have ANY answers. Not even one. It's just that if I can see flaws in your logic; I might recommend that your theory should be discarded or revised. Keep working on it. It will come around. If we stuck to the theories that we held dear during Season One, we'd all look like idiots today. You've got to adapt and evolve, and part of that means resistance.

If we hold the theories around here to a standard I believe that we end up with a higher quality of theory. High quality theories inspire better theories and so on...

So if I drop a comment on your theory about the identities of Adam and Eve, or their importance, and I tell you that it's irrelevant or stupid. I apologize for the harshness. I just know that you've got better ideas inside your head. It's just that sometimes the crazy stuff gets in the way.

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