• DanVader228

    It's probably prime-time for a rewatch of the season before the 23rd. Luckily, has posted the entire lineup of Season 6 episodes for us to enjoy for free!

    I guess I'm not sleeping ever again.

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  • DanVader228

    The Look

    April 14, 2010 by DanVader228

    Since we found out the truth about Locke last season I have been wetting myself in anticipation of Jack and Locke finally reuniting. We finally got that tonight. And then... The Look.

    Their relationship is my favorite of the series. It has transformed so much over time. When they first got to the Island they needed each other. They were co-leaders. It was not a situation that either were fully comfortable with taking the reins. Who really would want to be responsible for 50 people stranded and starving on a deserted Island? Fuck that.

    Everything changed when Boone died. Jack knew that John was always going to pursue his own interests over what Jack considered best for the other survivors. John broke the trust and it was never fully healed. I…

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  • DanVader228

    I use the Internet, so I know that people turn into pompous asses from time to time. It's been hard not reacting to all of the negativity around here since the premiere. I hate typed screaming matches and all the buffoonery that happens on the Internet. It's just sickening that all of that love and passion people had for this show during the off-season has turned everyone into angry torch-wielding villagers since the show came back.

    Forgive me, but isn't this the same show that has strung us along for 5+ years with fantastic nonsense and still yet to be determined "answers"? I believe it is.

    So why is everyone surprised when things are still left unresolved after *gasp* 2 episodes?!?!

    And the absolute gall of some people demanding "realism". …

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  • DanVader228

    What a week!

    February 6, 2010 by DanVader228
    • 1. Season premiere of Lost the other day
    • 2. Tomorrow: The Super Freakin Bowl!
    • 3. Lost episode #2 two days later.

    Any football fans out there? What's the general consensus for tomorrow? Colts or Saints? Got any cool plans for the game?

    I'm a little torn myself. I'm a huge Saints fan! Drew Brees played for Purdue when I was going there, so I've been following him for years. However, this area is filled with Colts pride and it rubs off after a while. How can you not like Peyton Manning? He's amazing! It's one of those rare games where I'm super excited for both teams, and I'll likely be cheering for every play.

    I've got a whole house full of Colts fans coming over, but I'll be in my Drew Brees jersey. My whole house is going to be decorated with bl…

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  • DanVader228

    It's not actually my birthday today; still a couple days away. However, I just got my present from my mom: Lost, Seasons 1-5 on Blu-ray. How wicked is that?

    I watched a couple of episodes from Season 4 tonight. I noticed something weird. I think it was "Something Nice Back Home". I distinctly remember from my online re-watches this year a moment when Sun and Jin first come aboard the Kahana freighter. They see Michael for the first time, and kind of give him these really shocked looks. Well, that scene was missing from the Blu-ray episode. They show the next scene where Jin Sun and Michael are talking about him joining the crew, but it seems as though the other scene got cut. I wonder why they would cut scenes from the Blu-ray that were air…

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