At first I was furious. Like a lot of people, I'm not religious, or whatever, and the fact that they killed MiB with an hour left and then spent the next hour stuffing religious overtones down our throats pushed me over the edge at first. I was filled with rage.

Then I realized what Damon and Carlton did.

They presented us with a story. A long, detailed, beautiful story. A story that revolved around the characters. And we saw that much of these characters lives revolved around the argument of science vs. faith, which resulted in much of the show oozing relevance to that argument. But it became clear in the end that that's what it was alllll about. At least to me.

I mean, look at it this way. The entire series we were told the story from a science-fiction standpoint. (Argue that all you want, but it's true. They put EXTREME focus on DHARMA and the scientific properties of the island) BUT! At the end, we're thrown a curve-ball. And suddenly. It all makes sense.

We were mislead on purpose. It was never a story of science. It was a story of faith. It was a story of how man's longing to understand every little detail is our worst quality. It's so obvious. We focused too much on the Jacob/MiB motif. We assumed they were what this show was all about...But they weren't! They were just caught up in it.

I wanna note how whenever the rock thing was dislodged, and the light was all fucked up..It started spewing fire. As a viewer are we supposed to understand this as a reference to heaven(light) and hell(fire)?

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