• Dakotaboata

    So..When Jack gave Hurley the water, he didn't "bless" it or whatever.

    Am I supposed to overlook this, assume that Jacob and his mom just liked mumbling latin, or assume that Hurley wasn't ACTUALLY "protector", he was just protecting the island?

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  • Dakotaboata

    My two cents

    May 24, 2010 by Dakotaboata

    At first I was furious. Like a lot of people, I'm not religious, or whatever, and the fact that they killed MiB with an hour left and then spent the next hour stuffing religious overtones down our throats pushed me over the edge at first. I was filled with rage.

    Then I realized what Damon and Carlton did.

    They presented us with a story. A long, detailed, beautiful story. A story that revolved around the characters. And we saw that much of these characters lives revolved around the argument of science vs. faith, which resulted in much of the show oozing relevance to that argument. But it became clear in the end that that's what it was alllll about. At least to me.

    I mean, look at it this way. The entire series we were told the story from a sc…

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  • Dakotaboata

    Swear I was born on Sept. 22, 2004.

    They fell in a plane, everything changed, they showed me true creativity.

    This was the first show that I saw.

    I think I was Amish before it premiered.

    And I don't know how it ends, I don't know the twists,

    But I know it will be great.

    And I no longer must wait.

    Is it coincidence, is it fate?

    But I realize that it's ending,

    And that's something I must accept

    Remember the time Kate drove all night

    Just to walk three steps and dig

    I thought it was strange,

    what was up with her plane?

    Some things, will stay mysteries.

    This is the last day of my life.

    Six years seems so short now.

    And now I don't care, it could end any way

    And I swear, I would be happy.

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  • Dakotaboata

    Well, that was something!

    Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia showed up as special guests, that was fun.

    They showed a few old scenes, most notably the scene from The Constant where Desmond calls Penny..Imagine seeing that in a movie theater!

    Also, at the end we were treated with a scene from the finale. It didn't spoil MUCH but it answered a LOT of questions. Do you guys want a summary of the scene they showed? (Damon and Carlton said they specifically chose this scene because they felt it was okay to see)

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    I remember the first time I even heard the mention of LOST. Being a child, I didn't see any promotion for it. My mother suggested I watch this new show airing on ABC about "a plane crash." I told her I wasn't interested, that I'd rather watch the new episode of That 70's Show on Fox. She persuaded me to sit down and watch the pilot episode of this new series, LOST, instead.

    The moment Jack's eye opened I was..sucked in. But, I don't have to tell any of you about that do I? I watched in awe, my young mind had never seen anything so gripping before. I was hooked. Immediately. I soon turned 13 and LOST soon got more and more mysterious and gripping. It was all I could think about, all I could talk about, and I constantly anticipated it. It was…

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