All of us here know that what makes Lost truly fascinating is the endless interconnected mysteries. But with Season 6 being our last season, surely this has to be the 'Season of answers'?!

Of course, not every tiny little thing can be explained and nor should it be, for what would Lost be without ambiguity, and open-endedness?

But here I aim to outline, what, in my opinion are the essential, core mysteries that simply cannot be left open ended, and must be explained in the show. These are only my opinions. I hope this blog creates debate as to whether these mysteries are 'essential' or 'non-essential'. Criticisms of my choices are welcome, as are suggestions.

1. The Monster/The Black Smoke - No other place to start than with the obvious choice. Quite simply, by the end of Season 6, all Lost fans, whether obsessives or simply casual viewers, should definitively know once and for all exactly what The Black Smoke is, it's purpose, and where it came from.

2. The Numbers - It seems to me that many people have forgotten about the significance of The Numbers. I'm sure most of us here, having participated in or followed The Lost Experience, will understand the true nature of The Numbers, but I feel we deserve an in-show reference and solution to this integral part of Lost's mythology. It would be disappointing, after Lost has ended, to sit back and say "Well, I know what The Numbers are, but only because I watched TLE and listened to the podcasts". So come on Darlton - let's have a Hurley centric episode, and throw Hanso and DHARMA into the mix, and let's indulge in some Numbers Games, if only for a short while!

3. The Islands Magical/Healing Properties - I do believe it's essential that as fans, we know quite how The Island came to have magical properties/sporadic healing properties, and included in this, why there were so many pregnancy issues. Taking this even further, I believe explinations are required as to quite how the Wheel moves the island, and quite how time operates on the island, as all these things seem interlinked, and relate to physics.

4. Heiroglyphs and Statue & Cerberus Chamber - Where did the Heiroglyphs and Statue come from? Why did DHARMA choose to include the Heiroglyphs in the Swan Timer? What are the significance of the Ankh and the Heiroglyphs that have been featured thus far? This part of Lost's mythology has been beautifully and subtly introduced into the show... Now I would like to know how all of these glyphs, symbols, and ancient structues relate to DHARMA, and relate to the magical properties of the island, and just exactly what their significance is!

5. The Whispers - Not much explination needed here. Quite simply, "What are they?!"

6. Adam & Eve - Well, we already have a guarantee that this one will be solved. But I'm still including it, as it's still thus far unsolved!

7. Richard Alpert - I'm sure we're all interested in this one; How is it that Richard doesn't age? Okay, so we know why he doesn't, as he told us Jacob made him this way. So now I want this mystery to be solved a little further - How is it that Jacob, Richard Alpert (and possibly Nemesis) don't seem to age, and what is the underlying meaning of this? Why were they chosen to be like this?

8. Walt and Aaron = Special? - A seemingly abandoned plot point.. but this is Lost, after all. Are we in store for more answers yet? I am left perplexed as to why the Others were so interested in these two. Now, remember when Darlton said that they planned in advance that Walt would age, and incorporated that into the show.. does this mean Walt will come back during Season 6 to display exatly why he is special? Also, with Nemesis now introduced as a character, and with Kate seemingly searching for Claire on the island, will this culminate in an explination as to why Aaron "was where he needed to be"? I really think an explination is required as to why so much focus has been put onto these two mysterious characters... if they're not essential, then why all the focus and air-time?!

9. The Hurley Bird - Remember this? Twice weve seen it. On one occasion, Hurley seemed sure that it uttered his name... and we still know nothing about it...

10. The Economist - Quite frankly, I'm not sure if solving this mystery is essential or not. It all depends who he is, doesn't it? Was it Ben and his manipulation? Or was it really a Widmore associate?

11. The Power Struggle - What do I mean by this? Well, there seems to be so many struggles for the balance of power in Lost, that I didn't want to list them as seperate mysteries. Fate vs Free Will, Locke vs Jack, Ben vs Widmore, Jacob vs Nemesis, Black vs White, Good vs Evil.... they are all an integral part to this wonderful show, and hopefully, when Season 6 is all said and done, us fans will understand the true nature of all these battles and their ultimate significance. Don't forget, Widmore told Locke there was a war coming... perhaps the final battles are to be fought in Season 6....

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