Dare I post here? Yes, I dare. I havn't been here for a few days, and I wish to say some things about Lost. I truly didn't think I would wish to say anything here again, but I am going to see what happens. Before I get to my blog I wish to make a few quick points:

To those who offered me support and asked me to come back to the site, you know who you are and I can only say thank you, and that you can truly know that it is for you that I post here once more, and we shall see what happens. To those who consider my being here hypocritical/ridiculous, then that is fair game, but may I politely ask that you refrain from using this space for criticisms/rudeness, and if you have any issues with me, please email me or post a message to my talk page and we can politely and intelligently discuss anything further if you so wish.


As many people are discussing right now, there seems to be an emphasis this season on mirrors and reflections. But what does all this really mean? Is the frequence of mirrors in the Flash-Sideways simply significant in terms of character building, or is something bigger at play? I believe that we need to look at both the Flash-Sideways mirrors, alongside "The Lighthouse" and look at all of this in the context of MiB vs Jacob. Allow me to explain....

We know MiB is trapped and wishes to escape the island. We also know that Jacob intended Jack to see the mirrors in the lighthouse and smash them. Can we then assume that Jacobs wish to have the mirrors smashed somehow relates to keeping MiB on the island? What if The mirrors in the lighthouse are actually a looking glass into the Alternate reality? In the book "Through the Looking Glass", one could look through the mirror but could not be seen by those on the other side. What if Jacob can look through his mirrors and see his candidates, but his candidates can't see him. What if the mirrors actually provide a portal between realities, and it was vital that Jacob got Jack to smash the mirrors so that MiB could not use this portal to escape the island. Farfetched? Yes, but this is Lost.


In "The Package", Jack mentions to Sun that he came accross a "stubborn tomato" and that he guesses it just didn't know when to die. Call me Locke-obssessive if you wish, but I am sure there is more to this line than meets the eye. I am convinced it is a hint to future events, whereby, miraculously, Locke somehow rises from the dead, as he just didn't know how to die. Here, Locke is the stubborn tomato.

The prophecy of "What lies in the shadow of the statue", I just do not believe can be referring to Jacob. Jacob is now gone, yet the war is ongoing. Jacob lived in the shadow of the statue, but I believe it is Locke who truly lies there. It is not beyond possibility that Locke could rise from the dead. If Sayid can do it, why not Locke? Admittedly, Locke has been dead for days (weeks?) and Sayid rose from the dead after only hours, but surely each situation is preposterous in the first place (as are smoke monsters and time travel) so why not a prophecy for Locke to rise from the dead?


When MiB smashed the wine glass at the end of Ab Aerterno, I found this particularly significant. It appears MiB could not physically remove the cork (i.e. Jacob) so instead MiB simply smashed the whole glass, and let the dark liquid escape. Could this be foreshadowing future events in Lost, where it is impossible for MiB to physically destroy the candidates, but instead, he causes something catastrophic which allows him to escape regardless of the candidates/corks? If this is true, how important are the candidates/corks? Or was that scene a red herring? I am at a loss, and I don't have any conclusions on this one, apart from the fact I believe it to be significant in relation to how MiB eventually attempts escape.


Is it really possible for a wooden ship to smash a huge stone structure? I am trying very hard to sustain my suspension of disbelief on this one. Wouldn't the boat have just smashed and the statue remained intact? Can anyone help me out?


I have a minor theory to share on the origin of Jacks son, which is purely speculative. But wouldn't it be ironic if Jacks son was Cassidy's? Think about it, the classic love triangle of Kate with either Sawyer/Jack.... How ironic would it be if Kate's only friend off the island, Cassidy, had given birth to Sawyers child in one universe and Jacks child in the other universe? Although speculative guesswork, I truly believe this is the correct poetic fit for her to be the mother of Jacks child.

I think these are all of my main thoughts currently going around my head. These, and the simple thought that I believe Ab Aeterno to be the greatest episode of Lost to date. It was a beautiful sad story, emotionally heart wrenching, and packed full of mythology, intrigue, and some very important moments. I simply cannot believe how amazing it was, and this is exactly the reason why I watch Lost.

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