As some of you may know, and as some of you may not, I take my Username: DaemonRising, from a certain animated television programme named ReBoot. I would like to discuss some of the parallels between the two programmes. As well as true and obvious parallels, there are also some theoretical and unconfirmed parallels. For example, certain theories that are floating around Lostpedia that may not be confirmed to be true in Lost yet, may have similarities with events in ReBoot.

Plot breakdown

Events in ReBoot take place inside the mechanical workings of a computer system. ReBoot starts out by focussing on a place called Mainframe - which is a fictional floating island - floating in cyberspace. Connected to this Island is a smaller floating island named "Lost Angles", which is where the character of "Hex"(A virus) resides. This island/network is disconnected from the outside world or the "net" (Internet), yet occasionally this island-world is reconnected to the net through temporal tears, and strange anomolies of time/space. It is here where the plot lies - another virus - the big bad of the show named "MegaByte" - is constantly attempting to exploit one of these chances to escape the island and escape Mainframe - and achieve his goal of making into the "Supercomputer" via the "net". A Guardian named "Bob" has been sent to this place to protect the inhabitants of Mainframe from virus attacks. He befriends two characters, named "Dot" and "Enzo Matrix".

In the series 1 finale - we are shown a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world via the consciousness of one of our characters - Dot. Her view of reality is temporarily distorted by visions of a different reality, one which could end disastrously if certain events do not happen as they are supposed to.

ReBoots 2nd Season is where the mythology of the show really starts. The first story arc of the season reveals that Hex and Megabyte are siblings, sister and brother, and that at one time they used to part of the same entity: Gigabyte. A mysterious flashback reveals that this entity - Gigabyte, perhaps once used to be human (or in ReBoot terms, a "sprite"). Bob, who has the flashback, remembers being in "Guardian training" where he was helping medicate a woman, when an outside attack from The Net actually turned her into the entity named Gigabyte. (This is unconfirmed in the show, but highly likely)

This once human entity was now turned into a monster, and furthermore, this new entity split, creating the two main virus's/monsters of ReBoot, Hex and Megabyte. This split of entities created Hex - a schizophrenic benign virus, whose goals are to a. Cause Chaos, and b. Kill Megabyte. This split of entities also created MegaByte - whose goals are to a. escape MainFrame, and b. Kill Hex. MegaByte is supposed to represent ordered control and manipulation/infection, while Hex is the chaos to Megabytes order.

In Season 3, we take some unexpected twists. Bob, the guardian, is ousted from Mainframe into the net, and has now mysteriously vanished. This Leaves Enzo, a small child, and his friend, AndrAIa, and his sister, the older Dot, the only ones who can protect Mainframe. During a threat to the system, AndrAIa and Enzo are trapped inside "the net" and hence also ousted from Mainframe. The action now stops focussing on our floating island, and focusses on Enzo and AndrAIa's search for he island once again. During this time, spacetime operates differently for them, and as such they grow much quicker than they normally would, soon growing into adulthood, and maturity. Eventually they find Mainframe again, and together with their old friends Bob and Dot, fight one final battle for control of Mainframe.

Similarities with Lost

  • 1. An Island, with a connected smaller island attached.
  • 2. Two entities, representing different sides (not necessarily good and evil)
  • 3. Main antagonist seeks to escape the current island he is in, with an ambiguous agenda should he succeed.
  • 4. Distortions of reality, views into other timelines that may fore-warn of impending doom. (i.e. Dot in ReBoot, and Desmond in Lost)
  • 5. Entities that used to be human, but now have strange powers and influence.
  • 6. Our main characters actually leave the island, only to search for a way back. On returning, they have become different people.
  • 7. A final battle - A war.

Potential Similarities with Lost

  • 1. Current popular theories are that the two main entities, MiB and Jacob are actually one of the same thing, or used to be part of the same entity.
  • 2. Certain codes of honour exist within ReBoot, which hinders certain characters goals, but they feel compelled to adhere to these codes rather than break them. Although enemies, Bob and Megabyte have been shown to spare eachothers lives. This could be similar to the "rules" in Lost.
  • 3. The wider context of ReBoot is that sytems and networks are dying. These systems are dying because of the huge amount of power that Virus's drain from the Web(the whole interconnected universe). Its a stretch, but could the vast amount of power being tapped into by MiB and Jacob be a terrible thing - one which is having unforeseen consequences on our world?
  • 4. In ReBoot, we learn that the smaller island exists because there used to be two perfectly symmetrical islands. An incident caused the destruction of a huge part of one island, and the result is a smaller island stuck to the main one. In Lost, could it be possible that we once had two symmetrical and balanced islands, one that housed light, and one that housed dark. When this unforeseen incident occured, the smaller Hydra Island ended up attached to the main island, yet Hydra Island was not big enough to house a whole entity. So the entity made its way to the main island, which is where dark and light now battle with eachother, because there isnt enough space for the two of them on one island.


This blog was essentially to highlight some key areas and parallels between the two stories. One belief I have with Lost, is that niether side will win, and the key to Lost is that some kind of "balance" will be achieved, one in which light and dark merge to become one, and harmony in spacetime is achieved. Although ReBoot is a currently unsolved story, it is strongly suggested that this would be a likely outcome for the show.

Although it is hard to come to any concrete solutions, I feel I would have been remiss as such a huge fan of ReBoot and Lost to not offer my thoughts on the two shows in relation to eachother. Not entirely conclusive, I know, but I hope you at least found some interest and some food for thought. If anyone else is familiar with the show, then it would be great if you have anymore insight you could add.

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