Firstly, I don’t care about this alternate timeline. Why? Well, all the character development thus far has been based around our Season 1-5 Losties. The X Losties aren’t even the same characters, they’re different and have developed differently. As a quick example, Hurley is apparently the luckiest guy in the world. He is not our Hurley So why should I care about him?

Secondly, what’s the deal with the scene with Kate in the taxi with Claire. Both scenes play differently in the two episodes. The Dialogue is different. Firstly, If this is a blooper, then it’s damn sloppy TV making. Secondly, if it’s not a blooper, then what the hell are the writers suggesting to us? That this isn’t our timeline, nor is it X, but it is XX, and there are infinite timelines, all occurring at this same time, with any number of wacky differences? If so, this makes for a headache of a TV show, with all these realities going on the same time. Look guys, I love Lost, I have even come up with a nice theory on the two timelines. Just look here: I’m invested in this. I just think it’s awful storytelling. Hurry up and merge these two (or should that be four or eight or….) timelines because narratively they’re boring, and they’re wasting time when you could be telling us something interesting about stories we fans care more about, like Richards back-story, or any number of interesting loose ends.

Thirdly, this whole season has been pretty predictable and monotonous. People seemed to love LA X. But it was really pretty predictable, and all the action just fell into place as a boring aftermath of a great S05 finale. This just felt like fallout to me. Apart from the strong hint that Juliet’s consciousness may be temporally displaced, and Desmond and Jacks meeting in the plane, was there really anything else all that great about this episode?

Fourthly, ‘The Others’ are still so one-dimensional. Come on, Darlton, we get it. The Others are weird. But for gods sakes, the Others vs the Losties has played out. There are bigger things at stake, we know that. It’s boring watching them be so one dimensional. Can’t they just all get along. After all, they’re all on the same side, aren’t they?

Fifthly, Claire’s comeback sucked. Claire is great, don’t get me wrong. After over one Season of disappearance though, that was a pretty lame emergence from the shadows. And what the hell is “here take my credit card” all about? Jesus. Nobody would ever do that.

Sixthly, all the links between the two realities are so contrived. Charlie chokes, Claire suddenly plucks out the name ‘Aaron’, Ethan just happens to be a doctor. This is funky for a few episodes, but the trouble is that we know everything that’s going to happen in these flash-sideways. So can’t we just get on with it already. We get the point. Fate vs Free Will. What in life is pre-destined to happen, and what in life can we change. You don’t need to drill it home to us with cheap manufactured storylines, especially ones as dull as in “What Kate does”.

Seventhly, it’s all so boring. I don’t even know what the conflict is here. I don’t know what’s at stake. Why is it important that Sayid lives, or that Smokey stays out of the temple? So far, those guys at the Temple have been asses, and I really don’t care what happens to them.. We are deep, deep into the show, we are almost 90% of the way through. I’m happy for all the answers to remain until the last 4 or 5 episodes. This is cool. But at least tell us what are Losties are fighting for. Because right now it seems as if we’ve been led to believe that something of epic, biblical, historical, universal, and world-changing importance is happening on this island. So if that’s true, it would be nice to know what is so epic about these events. Otherwise, it’s just lots of strange things happening at once.

Eighthly, in LA X, why the hell are they wearing the same clothes? They are different people who have lived different lives. Even if only slightly, they have nevertheless lived different lives - This has been established. Yet somehow they all wake up that morning and all decide to put on the same clothes on the same day? Wow, the butterfly effect sure works in strange ways....

Ninthly, it's not just the parallel realities whose stories are contrived. Look at half of 'What Kate Does' If events are of such huge importance, and Dogen really believes Sayid must die, and Dogen believes that for the safety of his people, and everything they believe in, that Sayid must die, then Dogen would simply shoot him. Why go to the bother of making Jack give Sayid a pill? Risking letting Jack throw the pill away and lie about giving it to Sayid, and risking letting Jack swallow it himself. The episode was pure filler, with a contrived, stretched out, poorly written plot device which we can all see through, yet are forced to sit through. Hey Dogen, you got another one of those pills......

Now now. Here is the official disclaimer.

1. I, like you, love this program. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I am just disappointed with what has transpired so far this season. The above statements are my opinions. Please respect my right to have an opinion on the season so far. No matter how early we are into the season, it is still an opinion, and is subject to change at any given time.

2. Please do not suggest that I change my opinion, but feel free to disagree with me. Please do not suggest that I change my outlook on the program in the hope that I might enjoy it some more. Please do not tell me I shouldn’t be watching Lost if I don’t like the season so far. Please do not tell me I need to employ an alternative policy in watching Lost.

3. All respectful comments are welcome. I’m just sick of being kicked in the teeth by people who feel the need to tell me to change how I look at Lost. Buddy, if we disagree, and you like this season, then that’s cool. Just don’t tell me what I can’t dislike.

4. I am aware my vocab/punctuation could have been better. In all my previous blogs I have strived for near perfection in the hope that my audience appreciates such a nice finish on the post, with great content to boot. But with this recent installment, I just thought "to hell with it". If my dialogues sloppy, it doesn't matter, nobody will notice. And I'll fill it full of ramblings, with no real point to it, and hope nobody cares. Kinda like that last episode, hey.

The End.

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