Introduction: A little while ago I proposed the idea of a different kind of FanFic - A Re-Write of sorts. The premise is to re-write Lost from the point of divergence of the Season 2 finale, and incorporate into it many loose ends, dropped storylines, and abandoned character arcs from the latter 4 seasons. Ever since watching the finale, I keep thinking how different the show has turned out compared to what I expected it to be like back in Seasons 1 and 2. Hence this FanFic idea.

Lost has such potential, and I am attempting to write something that fills the gaps in Losts story yet still expands upon Losts ideals, rather than write a true spin-off with different characters. In my first blog introducing the idea, I recieved some positive feedback, and so I would like to offer you all my first installment. I would be very appreciative of any feedback, especially comments on the length/pacing/format/excitement factors of the following chapter. If there are criticisms, then please make them constructive! I have used a mixture of prose and script dialogue. There is no set format to the layout of the chapter; It is prose where I feel it is necessary, and script dialogue where I feel it is necessary. Hope you enjoy.

Prologue: It is the end of Season 2, Desmond has just turned the failsafe key. Everything has flashed white. We begin Season 3....

Chapter One: Blind Faith

A bright white light shines all around. It is strong and powerful, and it is all that John Locke can see as he lies amongst the rubble that remains of the hatch. All of a sudden, the light fades, and allows John to see the sky for the first time after the implosion of the Swan Station. His ears ring with an electromagnetic hum as he looks down and sees his feet, naked amongst the shards of twisted metal. As he tries to stand up, his legs give way beneath him, and John falls to the floor, defeated. Why can’t he stand? What did the hatch do? - He asks himself over and over. He lay there helplessly, continuing to look down at his feet and unable to hear through the continuous drone of his eardrums.

An arm reaches down to John, and the figure speaks to him. “Here John, let me help you up”, said the figure, and all of a sudden Locke could hear for the first time after Desmond turned the failsafe key. It was Mr. Eko standing over him.

JOHN: “I can’t move my legs”.

EKO: “If it is alright with you, I will carry you out of here. I think the hatch...imploded. I am hoping you will be able to walk again soon John. We have work to do.”


John sat in his office, trying to enter data into his computer. “Dammit, why won’t you work?” he screamed as he slammed his fist down hard on the keyboard. His thumping motion accidentally typed a 42. A man with a dark suit suddenly walked over to Johns desk.

Man 1: “You know, those things usually work better when you don’t physically damage them.”

JOHN: “And what on earth would you know about physical damage?”

Man 1: “Oh, I know plenty, Mr. Locke. I used to be in a wheelchair, just like you.”

JOHN: “Excuse me, who exactly are you?”

Man 1: “My name, Mr. Locke, is not important right now. What’s important John, is that you’re sitting in that wheelchair right now, and I’m not. And if you come with me, I can show you exactly why I’m not. I want to be able to help you John.”

JOHN: “You wanna help me? I wanna know who you are and what you know about me. How do you know my name? What’s your job here?

Man 1: “I’m an economist, John. It’s just as mundane as your line of work, trust me. And I know plenty about you. I know you’re not happy here. You can’t tell me that you find boxes all that exciting, can you? And I know you don’t want to be stuck in that chair the rest of your life. I don’t have much time left here John. And what I am about to tell you is important, so I suggest you listen. What I can offer you... is a chance to be free again. I can give you what you want the most John. Revolutionary treatment, all free of charge, and you can be out of that wheelchair. You just have to believe me. I’ll be seeing you, John.

JOHN: “Seeing me where?”

Man 1: “When the time is right, we’ll find you John.

John is left mystified as the man quickly scurries from view, and makes his way out of the office just as quickly as he appeared.


Mr. Eko attaches a vine around Lockes stomach, and proceeds to use the same vine to climb his way back out of the hole that the hatch has left behind. “Use your hands to help you, and I’ll pull you out.” Locke did as Eko said, and clawed his way out of the hole until he made it over the edge. He lay on his back.

JOHN: “Thanks, Eko”.

EKO: “It is okay. Why can’t you move your legs John, what happened to you?

JOHN: “I don’t know. I ended up where you found me after the hatch...imploded. And I haven’t been able to move my legs since. What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

EKO: “Your toes John, they’re moving.”

JOHN: “Could you help me up? I think I can stand.”

EKO: “You’re going to be alright now?”

JOHN: “I think so. I hope so.”

EKO: “Good. I need to ask you a favour John. I need you to help me.”

JOHN: “With what?”

EKO: “What it is, I cannot say yet. But I promise you John, that it is important. I have seen something. Something of great magnitude. And if you come with me, I promise that you will be doing the right thing.”

There is a noise in the jungle, a rustling of leaves, twigs crackling.

CHARLIE: “Where the bloody hell have you two been?”

EKO: “We have something to do, Charlie.”

CHARLIE: “What do you mean, something to do? You mean like build another church in the middle of the bloody jungle then leave me to finish building it?

EKO: “No, I am not building a church.”

CHARLIE: “Then what are you doing?”

EKO: “What I am doing Charlie, will be very, very important. But I cannot tell you what it is. Tell the people at the beach we will be back soon.”

CHARLIE: “We? John’s going with you? In case you hadn’t noticed, the whole sky just turned purple and everybody back at the beach are scared witless. They need you. Both of you.”

JOHN: “And why aren’t you with them, Charlie?”

CHARLIE: “Because the baby needs water. Is that okay with you John? Are you going to come back to the beach with me or stay out here with this crazy talk? As much as I despise you right now John, those people back there need you. You can’t just go traipsing off into the jungle on some bloody Rambo mission.”

JOHN: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do, Charlie.”


HELEN: “What’s the matter John? You’ve hardly touched your food all night. Did something happen at work? Is it Randy again?

JOHN: “No, it’s not Randy. I met a man at work today Helen. I’d never seen him before, but he knew my name, he knew who I was. It’s like he’d been following me. Watching me. And he told me he’d been a wheelchair too, and that if I followed him, I could be free, I could walk again, just like him.

HELEN: “I don’t know what to say John. Do you trust this man? How did he know you?”

JOHN: “That’s the thing, I don’t trust him. And I don’t know how he knew me. All he said was that he could help me, but I couldn’t know who he was. But part of me, part of me doesn’t even care. I just want to be free Helen, and if he’s telling the truth, that he used to be in a wheelchair too, then maybe he can make all of this go away.”

HELEN: “Make all of what go away John? Aren’t you happy here? I love you John, and this man sounds dangerous, I don’t trust him. It doesn’t sound safe, you can’t just take his word for him and follow him blindly like this.”

JOHN: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”


EKO: “Looks like you have a choice to make John. Will you come with me, please?

JOHN: “I’m going with Mr. Eko, Charlie.”

CHARLIE: “Suit yourself. Just don’t come crying to me when they all hate you because... What’s that noise?”

The three of them turn around to see Hurley in the jungle.

HURLEY: “Err, hey”.

CHARLIE: “You’re back!”

JOHN: “Hello Hugo.”

HURLEY: “Dude. We gotta talk.”

-- -- --

HURLEY: “They kept Jack, Kate and Sawyer. And they sent me back to tell everyone else that we can't ever go over there. Oh, and that dude we had in the hatch, Henry -- he was there. He's, like, their leader. So, what do we do?"

LOCKE: “Do what they told you. Go back to the camp and tell the others.

HURLEY: “You're not going to do anything?

LOCKE: “I am doing something. Go back to the beach, Hugo.

HURLEY: “Wait, where are you guys going?

CHARLIE: “Mr. Eko and Mr. Locke here are on some secret mission. God knows what the bloody hell they’re up to, but I’m going back to the beach. You coming Hurley?”.

HURLEY: “Yeah, sure.”

Hurley and Charlie, and Eko and Locke go their separate ways.

CHARLIE: “What, why do you keep staring at me like that? Have I got something on my face?”

HURLEY: “No dude, I’m just glad to see you, that’s all.”

CHARLIE: “Yeah well you can stop bloody grinning like that, it’s freaking me out. So what did those bastards do to you over there, anyway?”

HURLEY: “They didn’t do anything, really. They just told me I had to come here to tell you guys what I told you. Then they put hoods on their heads and took them somewhere. But they promised Michael they wouldn’t hurt them.”

CHARLIE: “You believe them?”

HURLEY: “Kinda, yeah. I just don’t know what they’re gonna do with them.”

CHARLIE: “We need to go back. We have to rescue them.”

As Charlie and Hurley walk back to the beach camp, the naked figure of Desmond dashes by in the distance.

HURLEY: “Dude, what happened to him.”

CHARLIE: “That’s...kind of a long story...”

-- -- --

JOHN: “Do you actually know where you’re going? How much further?”

EKO: “We are not far away, John. Tell me, what do you think we should do about what Hurley said?”

JOHN: “I think that if these others wanted to kill us, they would have killed us by now, don’t you?

EKO: “Maybe. But what are we going to do about it?”

JOHN: “I say we go after them. Eventually.”

EKO: “Why did you decide to follow me, John?”

JOHN: “Because you were right.”

EKO: “Right about what?”

JOHN: “You were right about the button. I was stupid. I was wrong. I thought we didn’t need to keep pushing it. I didn’t want to be a slave to it any longer.


John parked up his vehicle outside of his work, and proceeded to manoeuvre himself down to the ground with the ramp installed in his van. He grabbed his remote control that controlled the electronic ramp.

Man 1: “Annoying, isn’t it? When you just want to get on with your day, but you have to wait all that time while you push that little button.”

JOHN: “Are you following me?”

Man 1: “I just happened to be passing John. But you do want us to help you, don’t you?

JOHN: “Who is we?. I’ve had just about enough of this. I want to know who you are or I’m going to call the police.”

Man 1: “You’re not going to do that John. This is your destiny. Don’t be a slave to that button you hold in your hand. Don’t be a slave to that chair. You have a decision to make. What’s it going to be, John?

JOHN: “If I come with you, how will this work?”

Man 1: “Well, first we’re going to have to blindfold you. We operate from a top secret facility, and we can’t have you finding out exactly where we’re located. Don’t worry, it’s only a short car journey away, and once we’re inside, I can take this off you. These aren’t my rules, it’s just that he wants me to be thorough. And, we’ve contacted your place of work to let them know you won’t be in work today. They were very understanding.”

JOHN: “This is crazy. Who is he, this... this benefactor? I want to know.”

Man 1: “I’m sure you do want to know. But even so, you’re going to come anyway, aren’t you?

John angrily snatches the blindfold from the mans hand and puts it on himself. Twenty minutes and a silent car journey later, John and the mysterious man arrived at their destination. “Okay John, we’re here. You can take that thing off now.”

John took his blindfold off and looked around. John turned to face the huge glass wall that was the facade of the complex, but the glass was one way and John couldn’t see outside. Inside, the facility was pristine, the floors and the walls were a perfect frosty white, and the desks in the lobby were a futuristic silver that gleamed in the artificial light. As the mysterious man wheeled him down the hallway, John looked at the signs on the doors. Each door was engraved with “Institute of Mathematical Forecasting” followed by various specifics relating to scientific terms that John couldn’t read.

As John looked on the doors for clues as to his whereabouts, a beautiful blonde woman passed them by on the hallway. She was wearing a perfectly white scientific overall, with a stethoscope hanging loosely from her neck, and carrying a folder labelled “confidential”. The mysterious man nodded to her as they passed, and she smiled back as she walked determinedly down the corridor, seemingly in a hurry. As she passed, John caught her eye and nodded back, and noticed a name tag on her overall that read “Juliet Burke”. John checked to see if the man wheeling him had any such tag, but he was out of luck. They arrived at a lobby, opposite which was a shiny steel door, which only bared the engraving “Theatre 8”.

“This is where I say goodbye John. I’ll see you on the other side”.

DOCTOR: “Hello John. I’ll be dealing with you from now on. Now I know you have many questions, but before I begin, can I ask you if you’re still happy to proceed?”

JOHN: “Proceed, now? You people show up at my work, I don’t know a thing about you, but you seem to know an awful lot about me. Then you take me down here blindfolded? I want to know everything that’s going on here, how you found me, and why you’re so secretive? Otherwise no, I’m not happy to proceed.”

DOCTOR: “This facility John, is a...private hospital. It’s used to...treat patients with...unique problems. And we can help them overcome these problems. You were blindfolded because that’s how we run things. It’s a secret location. We chose you because we believe you can help us, and we can help you. We have what it undergo this new procedure. Look John, I’m just going to spell it out to you. We need volunteers, and you need your spine fixed. We have paperwork waiting here on the desk for you. The risks are minimal... read over it, and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them for you.”

John read over the consent form, and various other pieces of paperwork that awaited him. Aside from the shady way in which he had been lured here, from the moment he took the blindfold off, everything seemed as legitimate as it could possibly be. He signed his name on the form, and awaited his fate.


EKO: “We are almost here.”

JOHN: “Where’s here? Just looks like more jungle to me.”

EKO: “I am taking you somewhere that I have been told is very important.”

JOHN: “Told by whom?”

EKO: “By a wise man, John.”

JOHN: “And where did you meet this wise man?”

EKO: “When the hatch imploded, and everything went white, I saw something John. I went somewhere. I don’t expect you to understand. But in this place, I met a man. And he told me what I needed to do.”

JOHN: “I want to know what you saw.”

EKO: “I am sorry John, I cannot tell you.”

JOHN: “Dammit, you take me all the way out here, for what? I wanna know what you saw.”

EKO: “I’m sorry. I cannot tell you. But the man I met, he told me you would react like this. And he told me to tell you that he knows this is not the first time you have followed somebody without knowing what was going on before. He told me to tell you that this time, it’s going to work.”


John lay unconscious on the operating table, facing upwards as two nurses placed the last few remaining electrodes on his head, and placed a thick, clinical blindfold across his eyes for protection.

NURSE 1: “Patient is fully prepared for EM waves, just running final diagnostics on Phase 1, Doctor.”

DOCTOR: “Thank you nurse. Brian, have you set the fields for Phase 2?”

BRIAN: “Yes Sir, they’ve been set for 5 minutes, just like I told you a minute ago.”

DOCTOR: “Dammit Brian we have to be thorough. Remember Pandora?”

BRIAN: “Well, I wasn’t running diagnostics then. If I had...maybe things would’ve worked out differently. All I can tell you is that I’ve triple checked and quadruple checked all of Mr. Lockes readings, and he’s completely clear. Once the electrodes are fitted, we’re ready to proceed without cause for concern.”

NURSE 2: “We’re ready now Sir.”

DOCTOR: “Good. Brian, you know what to do.”

BRIAN: “Yes Sir.”

Brian entered a sequence into the computer. The table Locke was lying on moved slowly into a complex looking compartment. The compartment whirred with a magnetic hum. The Doctor, Brian, and the two nurses walked out of the operating chamber and behind a Perspex window, awaiting the results of the experiment. Brian looked on nervously, as if the culmination of a lifetime of work were at its most crucial moment. As the equipment whirred, it radiated an otherworldly white glow, and at once everything flashed white. The white glow encompassed everything! And then it was gone. And so were the four people who operated on John. John awoke to find himself on the floor of the theatre.

JOHN: “Hello? Hello? Can anybody hear me?”

John tried to move his legs but he couldn’t. The procedure had failed. Johns face dropped as he looked at his feet and tried desperately to move them. He was so engrossed with their lack of movement that it was only at the last second that he noticed the two dark figures that put a hood over his head, and knocked him unconscious, and dragged him silently from Theatre 8.


EKO: “I’m sorry if what I said has upset you John.”

JOHN: “It’s not what you said. You know, all this time I’ve been on this island, I thought.. I thought things were happening for a reason. I thought it was my destiny. You know, there was a time when I thought this island was actually trying to talk to me. That is was trying to tell me what I needed to do. And now, well now, you’re the one receiving the visions. It’s not trying to talk to me at all. I didn’t even see anything after the hatch imploded.”

EKO: “Everyhing is happening for a reason John. The place I’m taking you to, it’s going to help you see, too.”

JOHN: “How?”

EKO: “I don’t know yet.”

And as he said that, Eko turned the corner round a clearing of bushes to find a set of double metal doors facing him, covered in rust. “Is it Dharma?”, said John. “I don’t know yet.” replied Eko, as he pulled on the metal doors. “After you”, said Locke, allowing Eko to take the first steps into the newly discovered hatch. As Locke took his first step towards the old rusty doors, he heard a rustling in the leaves behind him. He turned around.

“Don’t do it Mr. Locke. Don’t follow him.” said the figure of Walt, standing infront of Locke in the jungle.


Two dark figures escorted Lockes unconscious body from their vehicle to Lockes house. They wheeled him to his doorstep, then one of the men took a vial and dabbed a cloth with the contents before applying the liquid to Johns upper lip, then making a hasty escape. John awoke with a surprise, and his face contorted with a look of confusion. Helen came running out to the lawn to see him. “John! John! Oh John, are you alright? What happened? “Nothing happened, Helen. I’m fine.”, Locke said. “Just help me inside.”

The mysterious man looked on from the blacked out windows of his Mercedes parked across the road from Lockes house. He made a phone call.

“So, talk to me.” The voice on the other side demanded.

“I’m sorry, boss. It didn’t work.”


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