I know many people here are into FanFic, similarly, a lot of you probably hate the idea. But hear me out.

Ever since the finale of Lost has aired, I have been thinking about the direction of the show that the writers decided to take, and how different it has turned out compared to what I expected it to be like back in Seasons 1 and 2. It's not that I'm not satisfied with Lost's outcome, I am, it's just that I have such fond memories of The Hatch, of the Blast Door Map, and of Dharma Orientation Video's, as well as the semi-canon "The Lost Experience". All of these things led me to believe we were going to eventually see more and more of the elusive Dharma Initiative as highly intelligent scientists: A strange, mysterious, secret, quasi-utopian organisition, with clean white overalls, and shiny steel surfaces.

Instead we got bumbling baffoons that simply enjoyed to pour concrete over everything. They were industrialists with guns who never seemed to tap into that original idea and aesthetic we had about Dharma. The original aesthetic was that they seemed like a highly intelligent, clinical bunch with an idealistic utopian mindset; they were philosophers. The anger and industry we actually saw in Season 5 was pretty disappointing to me. And Dharma's eventual lack of influence on Lost's overall outcome was ultimately unsatisfactory (again, only my opinion).

So my idea is for a Lost re-write, of sorts. To re-write Lost in a way that expands upon the ideas and philosophy surrounding Dharma, Hanso, and utopian ideals, yet maintains the inredible core elements that have made Lost so brilliant (Time Travel, Black vs White, Fate vs Free Will, Smokey and Jacob, The Others).

As well as expanding upon the Hanso-Dharma link, I have one or two more core ideas to attempt to expand upon within this FanFic. At present, the idea I have is for the FanFic to start at the end of Season 2, at the moment Desmond turns the failsafe key. Thus, the prologue to this FanFic would be the first two seasons.

Essentially, this is a little bit of fun, and isn't because I'm not satisifed with Lost. It's just that Lost has such potential, I would like to challenge myself by attempting to write something that fills the gaps and expands upon Losts ideals, rather than write a true spinoff with different characters. Watch this space for the first chapter. Any feedback/constructive criticism on my ideas so far would be much appreciated!

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