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March 7, 2009
  • DaemonRising

    Does anyone else have this message? IS it a hoax?

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  • DaemonRising

    I am proposing this idea to first gage how many people would/would not enjoy reading such a fanfic... it would be good if as many of you can respond as possible, whether it be negative or positive. It's good to know your audience before writing a fanfic, so I'm starting here.

    Without revealing too much that wouldn't already be in the first few episodes of the FanFic, the general outline is as follows:

    • The Fanfic would focus more on certain elements that ended up being overlooked in the programme, such as being "Special", The Hanso Foundation, bits of Dharma, Libby, Walt etc etc.
    • The FanFic would start at the very end of Season 2, just after Desmond has turned the failsafe key.
      • Why? Because this would allow for a re-write of sorts. I attempt n…

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  • DaemonRising

    For those of us that do not like the new format: Now is the time to voice your opinion.

    I have a very important link that you all need to follow.

    This is the Wikia Staff Blog. At the very top, is a blog titled "Your First Look at the New Wikia". Please click here. If I could provide a direct link then I would, but, alas, this site won't let me. No big surprises there.

    Please voice your opinions here. There are already around 1000 replies, from wikia's all across the world, and the majority of them are negative. Please keep on voicing your opinions. Together, we can save our little hub of the internet we call Lostpedia.

    I would recommend that when you post, you mention specifically about your opposition to the formatting of the blogs. Be specif…

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  • DaemonRising

    Please vote here as to whether you prefer the style of the new blogs, or the old blogs.

    Only two choices to choose from, so we can clearly see which one is favoured. If you believe both have the pro's and con's, please just choose whichever one you prefer and feel free to use the below space for comments.

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  • DaemonRising


    August 20, 2010 by DaemonRising


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