I have spend countless hours of my life reading and editing various articles on this wiki over the last few years, but I've noticed some changes for the worse since the series ended. While the show was airing we seemed to have fairly strict rules about canonicty and what should and should not be included in an article. All the articles seemed well written and were constantly being updated by users (myself included) to make them easier reads without sprawling paragraphs going into useless detail. However since the show has ended I've noticed that everything seems to be going down hill rapidly. Articles seem rife with speculation and overly detailed paragraphs, the number of non-sensical articles created seems to be on the rise and as a result the number of articles nominated for deletion. Some examples I personally have noticed include - MIB being constantly renamed to Samuel and the Christian Sheppard appearances being removed from MIB's page. Sawyer's article stating that he reunites with Cassidy and Clemetine after leaving the island, Some flash-sideways articles merged with main and some still left separate, too much irrelevant details in some articles (such as a full description of the Ajira landing ans passenger details on MIB's article).

I love Lost I own all the seasons on DVD and will no doubt be rewatching for many years, I am sad to say that I no longer find Lostpedia to be an adequate encylopedia for the show. As such I am removing it from my bookmarks and will not be back, i don't expect that to mean much, but I just wanted to voice my opinion before leaving.

To all those who have contributed to this wiki over the years and made it what it was, I say thank you and i sincerely hope that this wiki can be salvaged.

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