• D Toccs

    I recently rewatched the Man Behind the Curtian and put something together.

    In 1973 when Ben runs into the jungle, he hears the whispers all around him for a few minutes and then Richard walks out of the jungle. This being Ben's first encounter with the Hostiles he knows nothing about them so it is fairly natural for a child to conclude the whispers were caused by or controlled by Richard and the Hostiles at the time. Even after being healed in 1977, we know that Ben continued to live with DHARMA until the purge in 1992, so he would not be well versed in what the Others know.

    In 1989 when Ben kidnapped Alex and said the famous line about the whispers, he was still living full time with DHARMA. I belive he was still operating under his in…

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  • D Toccs

    We all saw the blinding flash of white light and then night turned to day. This means that the plane definately time traveled at least 1 day either forward or backward.

    Now in Happily Ever After, when Zoe wakes Desmond she tells him that he has been unconscious for 3 days. The last thing that Desmond remembers is being shot by Ben which happened the day 316 took off.

    If we say that 316 did not time travel, then Desmond was awoken by Zoe 9 days later, which means he spent 6 days in the hospital before being drugged, surely being shot by Ben would not be his last memory if this was the case.

    I belive that Ajira 316 landed on Hydra Island 6 days before it took off from LA. Widmore grabbed Desmond shortly after his talk with Eloise and made a …

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  • D Toccs

    1. Daniel Faraday : Attempting to make contact with the Hostiles by walking into their camp with crazy eyes wearing a DHARMA jumpsuit and waving a gun.

    2. Widmore's Team : Moving the sonic fence to protect the candidates but leaving the power generator outside the fenceline.

    3. Bram : Has detailed knowledge of MIB's abilities and weaknesses, then he just charges in and shoots at the guy whose body he has been carrying around for 3 days, and is suprised that the bullets bounced off.

    4. Lennon : Upon seeing that zombie-Sayid has just brutally murdered Dogen, he runs up to him and calls him an idiot.

    5. Widmore's Team : Sending a man in to repair the electromagnetic death ray during a power outage, but not turning the machine off first.

    6. D…

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  • D Toccs

    There is a long journey for Jacob and MIB between Across the Seas and Ab Aeterno. I will attempt to convey my thoughts on their motivations and the time they spent on the island. My theory is based on one major point and that is that, MIB did not intend to become mortal again. He does not hate being the smoke monster he simply hates being on the island, and wanted to leave with his powers intact.

    I belive that shortly after the events of Across the Sea, MIB appeared to Jacob and revealed his new powers, though I suspect at this point neither of them fully understood what had happened. MIB searches the island for the source, but Jacob keeps it hidden which leads to a confrontation. Jacob admits that he doesn't think MIB should be allowed…

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  • D Toccs

    Just for consideration.

    June 23, 2010 by D Toccs

    Alice Evans played a pregnant Eloise Hawking in 1977. Alice Evans was pregnant herself at the time, she has since given birth to a daughter, named Ella Betsi Janet Gruffudd.

    Now since Widmore, Richard and Jack all spoke about the pregnancy and the unborn child inside of her. Should we go ahead and list Ella Gruffudd as the actor who portrayed an unborn Daniel Faraday?

    ps. I don't want to start a whole thing about whether or not a fetus is a person or not, so please take this as the joke it was intended to be.

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