so I just had this crazy thought: What if the island and it's current inhabitants are responsible for the entire human race...think about it.

In order for that to be be this is how the scenario would have to play out: Instead of simply "resetting" the events of the future, the detonation of jughead resets the events of all history. The explosion releases the stored electromagnetic would be like turning the wheel only instead of letting the energy out in small bursts it lets all of it out at one time transporting the island and all on it back to the beginning of time...possibly before even people...making our island essentially the "Garden of Eden" and making "Adam and Eve" literally Adam and Eve (who they are I still have no idea).

Lost has never been one to shy away from religious themes often themes include good v. evil, human nature, cultural indifference's and the like. instead of rambling I've decided to list clues of this possibility:

The presents of egyptian like symbols and such

Even Buddhist ideology. read the first 2 bullets on this wiki article...basically describes the DHARMA Initiative and look at the symbol...looks like the donkey wheel and the DI octagonal symbol.

The authoritative figures:

Horace Goodspeed=Egyptian god Horus

Richard Alpert=Egyptian god RA

the 2 bodies were were refered to as "Adam and Eve" Who could this be? Jack and Kate? Juliet and Sawyer? Jin and Sun? Rose and Bernerd?

After moving as far back in time as possible the islanders would discover what had happened. some would stay some would leave the island to find the world either uninhabited or inhabited by a primitive for of people. they would see the time travelers as gods and worship them and create the beginning of religion based off of them. eventually the human race advances and grows to be what it is today.

Just and interesting thought.

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