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    Kill the MiB

    March 4, 2010 by DLShorts

    I was pondering something that "lostincanada" said, and something they said about the 'prerequisite to kill Jacob' triggered a thought.

    We are now left wondering what will be able to kill MiB (smokie), correct? Perhaps this is intertwined with the inability to birth children on the island? What if Smokie is the cause, and he is doing this because he could only die by the hands of someone that was born on the island? If so, this would make Aaron very, VERY important, and maybe the reason he 'claimed' Claire.

    I hate to say it, but I really think I am on to something:)

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  • DLShorts

    Anyone that watched the finale of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or has seen the movie "The Watchmen" knows that tachyon particles, which can result from a nuclear explosion, can affect "what we perceive as time" in the opposite direction – “Dr. Manhattan”. Thusly, perhaps the explosion affected the past of the island as well as the future, which means this would give credence to the theory of the island being underwater and surfacing under the Black Rock. And yes, I did quote a completely fictitious superhero.

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