With the end of the show near Ive started reflecting back on things I like and dislike about the show and Im pretty sure that if your on this site you obviously like most of the show but what are the things you dislike give me the top 5 things that you dont like about LOST here are mine.

1.Michaels return/death- The moment he left I couldnt wait for his return then in the summer before s4 we learn that he will make his triumphant return so I wait episode 1 comes.... nothing and again nothing until EPISODE 7. Then 6 episodes later hes dead. This was ridiculous. Ive always liked him so I was upset about his death but in my mind the way he "redeemed" himself was weak and his whole return was a big tease. Not to mention its likely his relationship with walt will never be fixed. I personally would much rather see him and walt reunite then figure out who kate chooses. 2.Libby's death- not because I liked her but because they(the producers) will never convince me that it was their plan to kill her and reveal nothing about her other than she was married and possibly insane. What really upsets me is how they handeled it, every year we were told we would finally learn more about libby then in season4 she finally makes her return and asks if Michael needs any blankets????? At least they finally stopped lying before season 5 and flat out told us there was nothing to explain. I get Cynthia Watros didnt want to return but they shouldnt have promised us answers pre seasons 3 and 4 if they werent sure they could deliver. 3.ComicCon/Daniel- Best Comiccon video ever so many questions and then we learn oh wait it was a joke and means absolutely nothing. Enough said. 4.DHARMA S5 Story- all we learned was Radzinsky was a a** and Horace got remarried. They seemed to focus more on the people in the dharma initiative then how they got there and what they were doing there. The only part I liked was the incident. What a surprise they had a conflict with the hostiles!!!!!! 5.Lockes Tease-This one is a question mark still but if locke stays dead and his whole destiny of being important and a leader was a joke and all part of MIBs plan then this would be the #1 thing I hate about lost.

Give me your opinions and Ill tally um up and post the results.

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