I dont know about everyone else but with 7 episodes to go I have been VERY dissapointed in season 6 of Lost. Easily worst yet. Here are my reasons why.

10. Jacob's Dead, cmon for three seasons weve heard of Jacob and when we finally meet him two hours later hes dead.

9. Zoe and Seamus, too giant tools. Would Sayid really let Zoe live, no hes fricken insane!!!!!!!!!!! If the producers expect us to take that seriously they are morons. She was kept alive because shes not a redshirt. And who does she think she is barking orders at Jin and Sawyer.

8. Temple, THREE YEARS I waited to see this stupid thing, and it was a joke. Nothing special just a fountain that does nothing. (Its obvious it did not save Sayid) And lets not forget about The Others still being the same clowns they were in Season 3.

7. What the hell happened to Claire, all we get is 20 seconds of dialouge for where shes been for three years. WOW, seriously wow. As much as shes been a part of this show she deserves better. I dont want to hear about it, they could talk for an entire episode about it, I WANT TO SEE IT.

6. Ben becomes a tool, seriously hes now a tool used by everyone. I hate ben but hes always been a great character because he can manipulate people now hes got his head down following Ilana. No, the Ben I enjoyed would have his own faction.

5. No Daniel but we get to keep miles. I really like Miles hes great but Daniel is a wayyyy better character than Miles. At first i thought ok Miles wil be important, nope hes helped commune with the dead twice but Juliets hasnt meant anything yet and Jacobs just made Ilana do a 360 on whether she should kill Ben.

4. Ilana in charge, screw Ilana ive watched the show for 5 years I want someone whos last name I actually know calling the shots.

3. FS Timline, HAppily ever after enticed me a bit but every episode before that the fs sucked. I even didnt really enjoys Lockes, and have a look here to see just how much i like locke episodes.

2. What Kate Does, need I say more. Rivalring Stranger for worst episode wouldnt bother me as much if it was season 3 again but in season 6 when i expected to have 18 hours of decent tv, not acceptable

1. No John Locke, easy no Locke means the shows sucks. Hes been at the center of the show for 5 seasons and now were supposed to take the MIB as Locke and be happy. I do like the MIB but I would rather see him going at it with Locke rather then who I think he will(Jack). Its a little ridiculous that Locke has been the one doing everyithing for the islands sake. Meanwhile Jack has basically took a crap in Jacob's salad for the first four seasons now we should take him serious as a man od faith. Jack vs MIB sucks Id rather see Jack vs Locke or even Locke vs MIB.

If you like season 6 dont bother commenting (I will remove all comments from S6 supporters) this blog is for season 6 haters. And no I will not stop watching it, Ive invested 5 years on this show ill see it through to the end no matter how bad it is. And yes i do like some parts of season 6 (Ab Aeterno, Happily Ever After, etc.) I just think season 6 as a whole couldnt hold seaons 1-5 jock.

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