As of late Ive heard a lot of people complaining because some users have been banned for posting "spoilers". Well regardless as to whether or not you think it is a spoiler thats beside the point. Im wtriting this blog for any future users, just be carefull. This site spoiler policy is perhaps the biggest joke I have ever seen. For example when Nestor Carbonell, De Ravin, Fahey and Robinson were added to the main cast in the off season, I and several other users were told not to add it because they are going with a tight leash for season 6. Yet when I saw lp articles confirming Juliets death I reverted them assuming it was a spoiler. I was then told that her death was not a spoiler. Ha, right how can widespread news that confrims nothing other than at least 1 appearance (new main characters) be considered a spoiler but Juliets death (which as we all know didnt happen until well into LAX which was at the time months away from even airing) was considered not a spoiler. My point is be carefull, the policy is horrible and I dont want to see more users get banned. From now on air on the side of caution and dont even hint at spoilers or youll be banned and dont complain if you do get banned because everyone should know.

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