In a previous post before Across The Sea i listed 44 question we want answered, well I eliminated the 10 from the "FST" (see below for reasoning) which left us with 34. We got 21 of them answered for 4.5 hours i think thats pretty good and overall most of the questions that werent answered dont even matter anyway, so quit complaining for lack of answers. Everythings all good and as much as i hated season six im very happy with the resolution of the show.

1.)Who was involved in the outrigger chase?

An absolute must answer, someone looked to have died i think this will be the last we see of one of our losties. This question must be answered.
  • 10/10
NO, Guess I was wrong about this one, guess it was irrelevant, maybe the others?

2.)What is the island?

Kind of vague but we need an answer, what is it, where did it get its powers, can it heal people, what are its origins and many more.
  • 10/10
YES, This was basically answered through the source, that is where the island gets its powers.

3.)Who are Adam and Eve?

People have there guesses, this has been teased to much not to have a payoff.
  • 10/10
YES, MIB,MIBs mother.

4.)How did jacob and the MIB get their powers

We need to learn the origins of these two, were they born on the island, why them, and who or what gave these guys all of these supernatural powers?
  • 10/10
YES, Jacob from Mother, MIB from the source.

5.)Frozen donkey wheel origins?

Was it built, or was it just there, how did it get the power to move the island and certain people through time.
  • 10/10
YES, MIB built it.

6.)Where is Frank?

Is he dead, did he make it out alive?
  • 10/10
YES, he made it out alive and lived happily ever after.

7.)Was the MIB really Christian?

The circumstances dont match up how did he appear of island to jack or to michael, how did he appear pre 1867 to locke. We may never get an answer and all of these will just be small errors but i dont believe the mib, telling jack the truth would make him believe in the islands powers which is not what the mib wants.
  • 6/10
YES, Christian would have said something to Jack if he was on the island.

8.)What happened to Annie?

She seemed to be important to ben as a child, maybe she left or died, who knows, probably wont get answered.
  • 1/10
NO, who cares.

9.)How do the island electromagnetic properties work?

Obviously will get an answer with desmond still alive.
  • 9/10
YES, the source is related to the electromagnetic properties.

10.)Who was the 6th candidate (Jin or Sun)?

Not at all important because they are both dead but I want to know who the 6th candidate was.
  • 3/10
YES?, My guess is Jin because Jacobs mentions the whole mother thing, Suns a mother.

11.)Walts powers?

He was special, plain and simple. I dont care if MDKelly is 30 we need some answers, bring walt back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 6/10
NO, Iam actually upset this didnt get answered.

12.)How did Jacob/MIB come to be on the island?

My guess is they were born but who knows they may have been brought there by someone who was the Jacob of the island before Jacob.
  • 9/10
YES, born/accident.

13.)Who built the statue?

I want some ancient history answers, this will tell us of the islands distant past, was Jacob around when it was built, was it built for him, any why a pregnant hippo?
  • 8/10
NO, again I wanted this answered.

14.)Origins of the others?

Probably answered in 6x09, richard just started recruiting people, but how were they so easily recruited to believe in a man they never met and put their lives on the line for him.
  • 3/10
YES, since it was not answered assume people brought to the island by Jacob and recruited by Richard.

15.)Mibs real name?

We need to know.
  • 10/10
NO, read a report that scripts listed his name as Samuel but producers changed there mind on revealing it, that may have been due to the casting call, who cares The Man In Black is a sweet name.

16.)The love MIB lost?

In 6x04 he talks of a love he lost, may have lied to gain James trust, knowing he lost juliet.
  • 5/10
YES, mother.

17.)How do Jacobs/MIBs rules work?

The loophole, cant kill jacob or candidates, what are these rules who made them and what are the consequences if broken, maybe they physically cant be broken.
  • 10/10
YES, mother made them unable to hurt each other.

18.)MIBs mother?

The crazy woman he mentioned what did she do to him?
  • 10/10
YES, simple.

19.)Who first discovered the island?

More of a who first discovered that the island was special?
  • 8/10
NO, Mother maybe.

20.)Origins of the temple?

This place was ancient, as seen by the drawings of smoke ve ankhs, who bulit it and when.
  • 9/10
NO, maybe the others.

21.)Preganancy Issues?

Why couldnt preagnant women survive post 1977.
  • 4/10
No, who knows.

22.)Why was Libby in Sydney?

She wasnt on the plane in the FST, so why was she on it in the ot.
  • 0.5/10
NO, who cares.

23.)Why did MIB kill Eko?

He let him live then killed him, why? Possibly kept him alive to help restore Lockes faith and then killed him when he was done with him.
  • 0.5/10
NO, idk.

24.)Where are Rose, Bernard and Vincent?

Three important characters, are they dead or stuck in 77 or in 07 on their own.
  • 9/10
YES, in 07 happy.

25.)What happened to Cindy?

Why was she so easily convinced to become an other. More of a how do the others easily recruit people question
  • 2/10
NO, room 23 anyone?

26.)Was Locke really special?

He was shown to be special for 5 seasons was it all a long con by MIB, if so why did Jacob appear to ressurect him after his fall. To much leads me to believe he was special and it wasnt all a ploy. He likely may have been Jacobs way of convincing jack to believe.
  • 9/10
YES, Ben says he was special, ill take his word for once.

27.)Henry Gale?

I always wanted to see the ben/Gale confrontation. Carlton said they "had words", likely scrapped due to time.
  • 1/10
NO, swept under the rug.

28.)What will become of our off-island friends?

Will Claire reunite with aaron and her mother? Will james ever meet his daughter? Ji Yeon is an orphan, Penny and Charlie had Desmond stolen from them.
  • 5/10
YES, everyone dies.

29.)Who was in Jacobs cabin?

Was it the mib, jacob, Christian or some old guy?
  • 6/10
YES, producers said it was MIB

30.)Is Richard Malkin a psychic?

He said he wasnt so maybe claires crashing was a coincidence.
  • 2/10
NO, guess he was a phony.

31.)Where is MIBs home?

He said he wants to go home, well where and why?
  • 10/10
YES, Just wanted to leave the island, "across the sea".

32.)What happens if MIB leaves the island

Can we get a real answer please
  • 8/10
YES, assume it has to do with the source.

33.)How did Jacob take the mibs body?

How did he become black smoke, you know, why does he hate jacob so much and why is jacob keeping him on the island?
  • 10/10
YES, pushed him into the source.

34.)Why is MIB so damn evil?

What the hell is this guys problem?
  • 10/10
YES, his mother was crazy.

Flash Sideways Timeline

Not gonna bother since most of my questions are irrelevant and need no answers. For example does it matter if Kate is innocent in the "FST", no cause its over and shes moved on, IMO anything that we didnt see in this "purgatory" is irrelevant.

35.)Why is Kate being pursued by the police

She said she was innocent, ha yeah right. I hate Kate but this has to be answered.
  • 10/10

36.)Who is Davids mom?

Everyone has there theories as do i.
  • 10/10

37.)Who is Aarons father?

Probably Thomas but maybe not.
  • 1/10

38.)How did Jin come to work for Paik and how is Desmond working for Widmore?

Both of these guys had rough chilhoods and would never have been able to get such high class jobs so how did they get these jobs. Maybe Desmonds father never died so he never had to look after his brothers.
  • 5/10

39.)Where are Michael, walt, Juiet, Ana, Eko, Nikki and Paulo?

All main characters, they should all have some part in the FST.
  • 5/10

40.)How did this timeline originate?

Was it the jughead. It cant simply be the jughead because to much pre 77 changed. Pierre would have never made it out alive because the jughead would have killed him yet he is alive. Probably what would happen if oceanic never crashed so locke never travels to 54, so on. To much pre 77 stuff is different
  • 10/10

41.)Is Richard still 170?

Is he alive, did he become ageles.
  • 5/10

42.)Where are MIB/Jacob

This timeline may be what had happened if Jacob never pushed everyone to the island so are they dead.
  • 8/10

43.)Charles, Pierre, Eloise, Miles, Charlotte?

Did they all go the island, if so why did the leave
  • 7/10

44.)Why did ben/Roger leave the island?

Prbably never answered.
  • 0.1/10

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