Overall I dont really care that this was left unanswered but i read in an interview that the producers couldnt "fit it in" Heres how easy they could have done it. Remember when Ilana died? Well before that she went to the black Rock. Well how about this Hugo is told by Michael (somewhat earlier) to not let them use dynamite so he decides he should travel with Ilana so he can blow up the B.R., this leads everyone else to follow. They decide to take an outrigger because its quicker. On the way they see the other outrigger and Ilana notices Locke, she believes him to be FLocke and opens fire, this leads juliet to open fire on her killing her. Done. That death would have been way cooler then another person blowing up by mishandling dynamite (Dr. Arzt anyone?) Miles is the only one there who was in the outrigger but since its been 3 years miles doesnt remember until its too late, he explains the situation, everyone sighs. They didnt need any of the actors (Daniel, Juliet, etc.) because we know who it is and dont need to see them anyway, so the view could have been just of people who looked like Daniel and the others from behind. The scene easily could have been swapped in for ilanas rant/explosion. Anyway i thought it would be cool to look at how they could have done this, im not upset they didnt answer it but i wouldve liked it.

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