Am I the only one out there right now in a Lost depression. Last nights episode was great but it seemed to me like it was an episode that really wrapped up John Lockes storyline. I felt great for Alt Locke and im sure well see more of him but lets be honest hes not at all like the Locke we came to love. Last night he was buried and crossed out, and I just dont care any more. I still love Lost and will watch every new (and some old) episodes several times a week but I really dont care about who wins or losses and who dies or lives. I was of the beilief he would be ressurected and said I wouldnt give up until hes buried and now he is so I guess his story is wrapped up. The number one rivalry has always revolved around jack and locke and the way the producers talk it sounds like they look at MIB as locke. So I guess the real locke is dead.

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