Im going write a couple of blogs that will explain how I think the show would have played out had any of the main characters who died, survived. Now Ill try to stay away from my theories on the alternate timeline and the jughead/incident since that should be reserved for the theories page. The rules still apply so if someones life is spared by a certain character not dying the universe will course correct and they will eventually die (although it may happen much later). The rule doesnt apply to the character of the blogs focus. Anyhting that is not made clear by the producers Ill just have to go with my best guess. Let me know what you think. First up is Boone.

Locke and Boone still go the beachcraft Boone goes up into the plane, talks to Bernard and it falls. However when Locke opens the plane Boone is just a little woozy, with no real serious injuries. They try to communicate with Bernard but can't because the equipment is damaged. They then look through the plane for anything that can help them with opening the hatch but find nothing. While Boone wonders whether or not they should tell the other survivors, Locke is able to convince him to keep it a secret. He doesnt have to keep it a secret for long as later that night because Locke never pounds on the hatch Desmond loses hope and decides to take his own life. Not long after that a loud noise is heard and all metal objects begin to be pulled towards the Swan. No one understands whats happening because no one other than Boone or Locke know there is a hatch on the island. The discharge builds up too quickly for anyone to realize whats happening and after about several hours the electromagnetic discharge gets too violent and the world ends. Thus eliminating the next 5 seasons of Lost.

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