Throughout the 2010 and final Dark UFO episode cup i thought we could discuss the results of each day. If you dont know what this is its basically a game where everyone picks which episode they think will win in a vote of which episode is better, its a lot like march madness. Its a cool game and even if your too late to fill out a bracket feel free to vote here [[1]]. You can see the Lostpedia results here [[2]] Overall day 1 was somewhat tough i think two matchups were slightly difficult as of now i look like ill come out 4 for 4.

Pilot vs This Place Is Death Easy match up to pick, I personally like TPID better but Im not stupid I know that most Lost fans love the pilot, this was one of those lock it up guarantee picks. If you picked TPID to win your either doing this as a joke or just insane.

Because You Left vs Cabin Fever This was one fo the last matchups I picked IMO its very tough. Everywhere I looked these episodes were neck in neck, the episode leauge table had them seperated by less than .01 points. The pre-cup polls had then even, even in my own opinion i had them deadlocked. The reason I picked Cabin Fever is because in all of these polls i looked at it was always slightly ahead of BYL. (also Locke is the best)

There's No Place Like Home vs White Rabbit Easy easy pick, Im surprised a lot of people picked WR. Its a very very good episode but cmon your not gonna beat a finale unless your Constant or Ab Aeterno.

Numbers vs Not In Portland Another tough matchup, I personally was not a fan of either and would give a slight edge to NIP but after I posted my episode rankings about a year ago i caught a lot of heat regarding my low ranking of Numbers, I remembered that and that is why i picked them.

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