While I’ve been watching the show forever I only recently came up with an idea to start writing down my initial thoughts on the episode and going and looking back at them in the future and well seeing as we have blogs here I guess I can put them here. And if you read this and youdont care what I think oh well.

Because You Left was a high paced episode that had just about everything in it. Going into tonight I was a little worried that this episode might not feature every main character alas I was wrong, and thank god. To be honest after the episode all I wanted was more flashes and more Desmond. So here we go.

The episode started in what I presume to be the 70s with Pierre Chang. I was happy to see Chang however when I saw the press release and his name was on it I was hoping we would get to see more of him. The big shocker of the opening however was that Daniel was working for the DHARMA Initiative. How he got there I haven’t a clue my guess was that he was flashed there when the island moved but obviously he didn’t flash anywhere as he is later shown to be right where we left him. So it would seem that the survivors have flashed to the 70s after Ben turned that wheel. Or so I thought.

That takes us back to 2007 with Ben, Jack and Locke. Ill be honest I couldn’t care less about what is happening off island and really just wanted to get back to what happened after the flashes. I was a little disappointed Jack shaved his beard, as I don’t like the old Jack so I thought maybe the new drunk, bearded Jack would be better. But was also surprised to hear that the late Jeremy Bentham didn’t pay Ben a visit however this may be a load of crap.

Back to the island and for starters why do they have to show Ben turning the wheel again we all know it happened and well if you didn’t oh well go watch it on Well back to Locke, I was surprised that Richard was gone but it makes since I kind of knew this time thing would play a factor and was wondering what would happen if Richard went back in time and came across himself but I guess theres my answer. On to the zodiac where they do a good job of answering the “what happened to the zodiac” question by simply stating they were in the radius, oh and its good to see Neal. So here we go looks like the island moved in space and time as everything has disappeared. However I was surprised and disappointed to hear the freighter was gone, which of course begs the question if Jin is alive is he still in 2004 and did he get off the island as well. At the moment I think Jin died however I am on the fence, before this episode I thought for sure he was alive but the producers either threw the disappearance of the boat to tell us Jins dead or to throw us of the scent. Anyway Sawyer finally meets Dan and he tells us the flashes will happen again, which was a surprise as I thought this was a one-time deal.

Back to off the island and a lame Kate scene, whatever I don’t care Kate is on the run again...I hate Kate and Aaron.

More explaining as Daniel tells us that the island is skipping through time only after getting harassed and slapped. This next scene was cool as we can kind of slam the door shut on the beech craft mystery. I was however hoping to see Yemi but I guess thats not in the cards. I was almost as surprised as Locke to see Ethan but he seemed a bit to “hostile” and was glad to see him go. Also a big surprise to hear that the survivors can flash to the future as well.

More off-island no surprises here Sun wants Ben dead, I guess she knows Ben was the reason the bomb went off, maybe Locke tells her when he visits her. I am interested to see why Sayid hates Ben now because last time we saw them they were a happy team maybe Ben almost gets Sayid killed or he lied to him about something BIG.

Next we get the rules that “You can’t change anything” this was good to hear, as I’ve never been a fan of alternate time lines. Over to Locke who is told he must die to bring back the O6, which I guess is why he kills himself. How would Richard know this? My guess is in the future when the O6 are back and Locke comes back to life (assuming that Ben and Hawking bring him back to life) and tells Richard to find him and tell him the only way to bring them back is to die. Kind of like a weird endless loop. Back to the hatch where we learn these flashes can be fatal as Charlotte seems to be suffering from the same thing Minkowski died of, and Dan's reaction makes things look even worse for red. It seems the freighter folk are back to there sneak ways when Daniel sneaks of to tell Desmond to find his mom as it’s the only way they can be saved. After seeing “The Lie” I've got a feeling as to who his mom is but well leave that out for know. Desmond to my surprise was cooperates with Daniel’s warning as he tells Penny there off to Oxford.

Overall good episode, it made me like Daniel a lot more as he seems to have a good story to tell. I was a little upset that there was no real focus on one character like in The Lie but it was a good episode with lots of answers. At first I didn’t like the idea of multiple flashes but after the end of The Lie it’s starting to seem cool, as we will get a look at the islands past. No Jin and little Desmond were a let down and to be honest I don’t care what is happening off the island as all my real favorites are either dead or on the island, other than that no real complaints.

--Czygan84 22:11, 13 April 2009 (UTC)

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