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February 4, 2008
  • Czygan84

    Episode cup howd you do?

    August 10, 2010 by Czygan84

    Well the last DARK UFO episode cup is over and the winner was The End. Just wondering what your thoughts were regarding some of the matchups Im still dumfounded as to how in the world Whatever Happened Happened beat Raised By Another other than that no real shockers. I was pretty split on the Behind the curtain vs Shape of things matchup and so were the fans. Other than that great ep cup, to bad its the last one. The only users I recognized from LP were Baker1000 and Orhan so i was wondering who else participated oh and btw congats to ME for winning the Lp group and Martin p. for winning it all. and also please sign up for the 2010 and last character cup here and join the LP group.

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  • Czygan84

    Throughout the 2010 and final Dark UFO episode cup i thought we could discuss the results of each day. If you dont know what this is its basically a game where everyone picks which episode they think will win in a vote of which episode is better, its a lot like march madness. Its a cool game and even if your too late to fill out a bracket feel free to vote here [[1]]. You can see the Lostpedia results here [[2]] Overall day 1 was somewhat tough i think two matchups were slightly difficult as of now i look like ill come out 4 for 4.

    Pilot vs This Place Is Death Easy match up to pick, I personally like TPID better but Im not stupid I know that most Lost fans love the pilot, this was one of those lock it up guarantee picks. If you picked TPID …

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  • Czygan84

    Outrigger Chase

    May 28, 2010 by Czygan84

    Overall I dont really care that this was left unanswered but i read in an interview that the producers couldnt "fit it in" Heres how easy they could have done it. Remember when Ilana died? Well before that she went to the black Rock. Well how about this Hugo is told by Michael (somewhat earlier) to not let them use dynamite so he decides he should travel with Ilana so he can blow up the B.R., this leads everyone else to follow. They decide to take an outrigger because its quicker. On the way they see the other outrigger and Ilana notices Locke, she believes him to be FLocke and opens fire, this leads juliet to open fire on her killing her. Done. That death would have been way cooler then another person blowing up by mishandling dynamite (D…

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  • Czygan84

    In a previous post before Across The Sea i listed 44 question we want answered, well I eliminated the 10 from the "FST" (see below for reasoning) which left us with 34. We got 21 of them answered for 4.5 hours i think thats pretty good and overall most of the questions that werent answered dont even matter anyway, so quit complaining for lack of answers. Everythings all good and as much as i hated season six im very happy with the resolution of the show.

    1.)Who was involved in the outrigger chase?

    An absolute must answer, someone looked to have died i think this will be the last we see of one of our losties. This question must be answered.
    • 10/10
    NO, Guess I was wrong about this one, guess it was irrelevant, maybe the others?

    2.)What is the isla…

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  • Czygan84

    Man In Black did NOT die

    For those of you who think The Man In Black died, your all wrong. I thought it was widely established before this episode that MIB and Jacob can't kill each other (loophole) but i guess people are still wondering. Well this episode cleared it up, mid-episode mother says she made it so MIB and Jacob can never hurt each other. Then after he killed mother MIB says to Jacob that he cannot kill him citing what their mother did. Jacob says he doesnt want to kill him. So what does he want to do think back to when jacob asked what would happen if he went into the light, mother makes it clear he WILL NOT die, he will suffer a fate much worse than death. So clearly Jacob intends to put this fate upon MIB, MIB never dies he s…

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