Remember when Joey was spun off from Friends (yes, it was a horrible mess), what if some of the Lost characters were given a different show? Or maybe they join an existing show or become the star of a reboot (like Daniel Dae Kim has joined the cast of the rebooted Hawaii 5-0 for the fall). What show do you think these characters would fit into?

Maybe Locke would headline the reboot of Kojak...he's got the smile and bald head down; I bet no one would tell him what can't do then. Or how about Locke and Ben in an update of the Odd Couple. Ben is a power-hungry neat freak and Locke is an obsessed slob who is tired of people telling him he has to clean up after himself.

Ana-Lucia and Illana are cast in a reboot of tough female cops Cagney and Lacey. Cagney (A-L) is a tough cop that shoots before she asks questions and Lacey (Illana) is her softer, more forgiving partner who takes care of Jacob...the man who has watched over her since she was a child.

Hurley and Miles are cast in an update of Jake and the Fatman. In the series, which is really a fantasy about ghost hunting detectives, Jake (Miles) takes orders from the ranch-loving Hurley aka the Fatman. Hurley also has a pet frog that he keeps with him at all times.

What characters would you cast in which shows?

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