So, I was thinking about this idea that Jacob is good and MiB is bad, or one is light and one is dark. I know that a lot of people aren't buying the Jacob is good theory, and then a crazy thought hit me. Just follow me here...

What if Jacob and Flocke were brothers in some ancient time and for whatever reason (maybe they tried to kill each other over their father's inheritance or a girl or something) an ancient Greek/Egyptian/Roman god of some sort became angry with the human race and decided to destroy it. Maybe Jacob and MiB agreed to whatever the god wanted in exchange for sparing the human race. So this god tied them to the island, giving each a specific task (Jacob gatekeeper/MiB judge)and powers. And, maybe they aren't allowed to have their lives back until they can prove that humanity is worth saving, and they do this through bringing people to the island. They have to bring people to the island to prove that there is one incorruptible person or one person who will turn from their destructive ways towards redemption. I think that originally both Jacob and Flocke were both on board with this mission (maybe thinking it wouldn't take that long to find someone like that) but as the years have worn on and people have done nothing but destroy and kill, Flocke has gotten cynical about the mission and is blaming Jacob for their predicament, so he wanted to kill him because he is sick of dealing with his brother. Now he wants to go in search of his humanity, which he thinks will be found off the island. Perhaps he doesn't believe that anything bad will happen if he leaves.

What do you think? Does this theory have any merit? Discuss.

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