I was thinking about this idea of things being mirrored throughout the season (events mirroring events in earlier seasons, the Losties checking out their mirrored selves. I was thinking this could also be applied to the way the fs Losties will remember their ot selves. For example, Desmond initially remembered the island through a situation that mirrored Charlie's death in the ot. Hurley started to remember after Libby kissed him after reassuring him why she liked him, much like she did on the island when he was about to throw himself off the cliff. I think too that if we look at Charlie and his vision of the girl with blonde hair, we could look at it two ways. One, the girl represented Claire and the situation of him choking mirrors his being hung by Ethan after trying to protect Claire or as though the girl represents the virgin mary statues and the situation mirrors his experience in the Moth when he was trapped in the cave trying to detox.

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