After Happily Ever After it seemed apparent that love was going to play a big part in explaining Lost, and my immediate thought of course was romantic love similar to Desmond and Penny. But, that didn't seem to make sense in relation to the other sideways flashes. So, I tried to think about how love affected the lives of the others in their sideways, and this is what I came up with:

Jack and his son and Jack with his mom: parental love Locke and Helen: romantic love Kate and Claire: (this is stretching it, I know) friendship love, also Claire with unborn Aaron would be parental love Sawyer and Miles: friendship love...and Sawyer's brief fling with Charlotte perhaps his desire for romantic/long-term love Sayid and Nadia: unfulfilled love, Sayid and his niece and nephew: familial love Jin and Sun: romantic love (at least on Jin's part, I'm not sure I'm convinced of Sun's love for Jin in the fs) And of course, tonight's episode is entitled Everybody LOVES Hugo...what kind of love might rear its head?

So, is this inconsequential or will this prove to be more important as the season plays out?

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