Happy Endings?

I've noticed a lot of posts asking our opinion about who will bite the dust by the end of the season. While a worthwhile train of thought, it's kind of depressing to my pollyanna self. So, my question is this...who do you think will get a happy ending? Will it be on island? Off island? With the love of their life?

I really want Sun and Jin to live happily with their little Ji Yeon (on or off island doesn't matter to me...they could move into dharmaville with it's swingset and school).

I also really want Desmond, Penny,and little Charlie to have a happy ending. Maybe they could be the Kwon's neighbors?  :)

I also think it would be great if Claire came to her senses and would be able to raise Aaron herself.

I'm sensing a pattern...apparently I'm all for the survival of the families. What about you? Who do you want to have a happy ending?

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