Okay...I'm trying my hand at a little fan-fic...I hope you enjoy.

Destiny Corrected: Chapter One: A Journey Begins

Voices calling out and the sounds of the rushing crowd collided together as she exited LAX. Her dark eyes quickly scanned the horizon looking for a taxi. Her hands convulsed around the thin strap of her leather bag. The diary her grandmother had shoved into her hands shortly before the woman’s death burned in her thoughts.

Ji Yeon’s thoughts flitted briefly to the grandparents who had raised her. Her grandmother, loving but always fearful and her grandfather, an enigmatic businessman, dead now for the past three years. Grandmother had already lost her daughter and was consumed with terror at the thought that her granddaughter would be lost to her as well. Her grandfather had cared for her, but he had been aloof and cold throughout her childhood, almost afraid to love her. She knew this had to do with the loss of her parents, but they wouldn’t talk about them. Even their names had been banned in their household.

From her earliest memories, Ji Yeon had always felt the hole created at the loss of her parents. She had dim memories of her mother holding her and singing lullabies in a voice as smooth as cocoa. And then there were the tears. Mama, wrapped in a silky, red robe, crying into her pillow at night, mourning the father Ji Yeon never got to meet.

Those memories are what were propelling her now. She had to know. Why had first her father and then her mother left her in the care of grandparents consumed with their own grief and recriminations? Why hadn’t they taken her with them? Where had they gone, and why hadn’t they returned? She needed to know.

The diary was her first clue. Much of what was written seemed distorted with grief and anger, but Ji Yeon had sensed her mother’s desperate hope that her father was still alive mixed with righteous anger at those she blamed for his loss. Two names had shown up repeatedly in the diary: Kate Austen and Aaron.

It had taken much research and the hiring of a private investigator, but finally the lead had panned out. Soon she would meet someone who might be able to open the door to her past.

Spotting an open taxi, Ji Yeon waved it down and prepared for the next stop on her journey.

* * * 'It's time.'

That’s all the note said but it sent shivers down Aaron Littleton’s spine. Taking a step back, he convulsively looked around, wondering if someone was watching him. Perhaps the same someone who had visited him in his dreams as a child. Clenching the note in his fist, he shook his head. Why should he think about those dreams now? It’d been nearly four years since the last one.

Aunt Kate. Yes. That’s who he needed to talk to. She could help him just like she had when he was a child. She always knew the right things to say. Maybe she could explain the note and why it had stirred up feelings he hadn't had in many years.

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