Ji Yeon paced back and forth in the tiny room in which she was being held. The room was small and dark; it felt like a cell. She’d been blindfolded until the moment the door had slammed shut behind her, so she had no idea where she was being held.

Of course, she had no idea why she was being held either. The men in the dark SUV had refused to answer her queries after they’d dragged her from Claire Littleton’s house. She hoped Claire was okay. The tiny, blond had been screaming from her behind her as they’d shoved her into the vehicle.

She hugged her sides and leaned against the cold brick. They’d barely been in since they’d kidnapped her. She sighed and wondered if the other girl was still here or if they’d killed her.

The girl had been screaming as they’d marched Ji Yeon into the cell. But it’d been a couple of days since she’d heard anything from her. Ji Yeon thought her abductors might have brought someone else to her prison as she’d heard scuffling a day or two before. She wasn’t sure as time seemed to have lost all meaning in this dank room.

She jumped when the door opened and the tall, blond man stood in the doorway.

“It’s time, Ji Yeon,” he said.

“Time for what?” she backed away, but found herself pushed against the brick wall. “Have you come to kill me like that other girl you had locked up?”

“We didn’t kill Clementine.” He smiled and moved into the room. “And we don’t plan on killing you either.”

“Why should I believe you? she spat out.

“Because you can’t help us if you’re dead, and we need you to help us.”

“Help you to do what?”

“I’ll leave that to my boss to explain,” he said as he glanced behind him. A moment later a woman walked through the doorway.

Ji Yeon shivered as she looked over the woman. She was old, nearly ancient it seemed to Ji Yeon. She hobbled along with a cane and stopped within feet of Ji Yeon.

“Hello, Ji Yeon Kwon,” the woman said, inclining her head in greeting. “I’ve been looking forward to this meeting for twenty years.”

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