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  • Curly Girl

    Clementine nearly tripped across the threshold after her captor pushed her in the back. Reaching her hand out to steady herself, she found her hand captured in that of a black man in his thirties, he had kind eyes but she sensed sadness in them. Mumbling her thanks, she leaned against the nearest wall and was surprised by some of the faces staring at her from around the pendulum that hung in the middle of the room.

    An Asian woman dressed in a deep blue business suit with matching heels. She was young, probably a couple of years younger than Clementine. The black man didn’t seem much older than 30 but the way he seemed to be folded in upon himself made her think that he had recently gone through a great loss. The old woman in the corner…

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  • Curly Girl

    The giant pendulum hung from the ceiling and swung lazily in circles above a map. Edging around the pendulum, Aaron was drawn further into the room. It was aglow with the faint light emanating from the wall of ancient computers that lived on the far side of the room. He was curious about the computers, machines that seemed nearly fifty years old. Glancing at the screens, he noticed that they were all cycling through various coordinates. Backing away from the computers, he looked around and noticed several blackboards covered in equations and scribbled words.

    His curiosity about the room nearly broke through the terror of being held hostage for the past four days. What was this about? Where were his cousins?

    “Hello, Aaron.”

    The voice st…

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  • Curly Girl

    Ji Yeon paced back and forth in the tiny room in which she was being held. The room was small and dark; it felt like a cell. She’d been blindfolded until the moment the door had slammed shut behind her, so she had no idea where she was being held.

    Of course, she had no idea why she was being held either. The men in the dark SUV had refused to answer her queries after they’d dragged her from Claire Littleton’s house. She hoped Claire was okay. The tiny, blond had been screaming from her behind her as they’d shoved her into the vehicle.

    She hugged her sides and leaned against the cold brick. They’d barely been in since they’d kidnapped her. She sighed and wondered if the other girl was still here or if they’d killed her.

    The girl had bee…

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  • Curly Girl

    “Trust me? That’s all he’s got to say about this? Trust me?” The words were spat out in anger and frustration. He wanted to punch something because the irony was, the writer of the letter was one of the few people he did trust. “We’re just supposed to sit around and do nothin’?”

    “I don’t like this anymore than you, James,” Kate said as she hugged herself. She glanced at the huddled figure of Claire, curled into the couch and inconsolable. “Whoever has done this has our kids, too.”

    “What the hell is this about, Freckles?”

    “What do you think it’s about?”

    He swore under his breath and looked away. It’d been twenty years since Frank had managed to land a 747 on Guam. He’d used every trick in his bag of confidence tricks to get them onto U.S.…

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  • Curly Girl

    Aaron wished for the fifth time that his mother could come and get him from the airport. As it was, he had to wave down a taxi, and they all seemed full. The longer it took the more antsy he felt. Something wasn’t right, and he felt the weight of it pulling him down. He needed someone to help him organize his thoughts; someone who could explain the visions he’d been having for several days now. Visions that kept telling him he needed to go home.

    He was hoping his aunt could answer some of those questions, but she was out of town. His mother was a mess, crying and babbling in such a way as he hadn’t seen in years. And, his cousin wasn’t answering her phone. What was going on? Sighing, he pulled his suitcase further along the sidewa…

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