I have a general thought about some of the parents in LOST. Its appears that for the most part they all know more than they ever say. Are they all part of something bigger, or do they all owe a debt to the island. Pregnancies are not possible on the island except for Candidates. Whats so special about them? Maybe securing their futures, through their kids. I cant quite get it all organized but I will start and maybe someone can help me along the way.

Widmore: knows much more, no matter what time they are in HE is manipulating and controlling things. Keeping Penny away from desmond and getting him to the island.... he put everything in motion. Even in FST he has total control. He knows what Desmond is capable of no matter what timeline. Penny is never the priority, always desmond...

Christian: Both kids are on the island along with his grandchild. He is dead, but how much did he put in motion to get them on the plane. He appears to both of them. Why is it so important that Clare and Jack meet, after his death no matter which timeline? The baby HAS to be with the family. Will Clare keep the baby with Jacks help?

Eloise: She is Widmores equal. Her son is one of the most important things to happen to the island. She got Desmond, Jack and of course Daniel to the island. Its no coincidence they are the most important people the island has seen. Who does she answer to at the the Lamppost?

Anthony Cooper: John Lockes father. Puts John and Sawyer in motion to get on the island. He uses his son for parts, John is expendible to him. When he appears on the island he says to John "dont you know where we are, John?" Why does he know about the island?

Paik: in business with Widmore, Hanso. Grandchild is safe on the island. Was he aware of Sun and Jin in the original timeline?

Chang: Miles is special, he comes back to the island. What happend to Chang after Jughead? He says was killed in the Purge but he warned people, who was he warning. Has he left the island, he knew how. Ben was wearing his jacket when he turned the donkey wheel. Is he off the island, or on the island making moves through his son.

Are theses parents making deals? Are they working through their kids? Seems like loved ones are bargaining chips for both Jacob and MIB, where do these parents fall?

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