This blog is for those who still want to play what if:

She was not burned, but she has not been heard or seen from? So if Jacob took her place and he has all of the super awesome powers after his death, certainly she had some herself. Why does Jacob appear as a boy sometimes and then as a man other times. Why doesnt MIB know things that Smokey should know? Flocke doesnt know why Widmore is on the island. Whisper it in my ear....WHAT! As smokey he can look into Eko and saw his intire life flash by! Conjure up Christian and Kates horse and other things ONLY they would know? As Ben said, why does Flocke need to walk.... Also, Ben figured out that HE was being summoned by Smokey....but he doesnt fear Flocke. He knows Flocke is another pawn, summoned by the Smoke.

Ben and Desmond have figured out that Jacob and MIB are irrelevant. Have merely been pit against eachother, to protect their mother....the island. The true evil on the island. So Ben and Des know that they have to "kill" the island to kill mother, and stop her from poisoning anyone else. The island had no real reason or purpose, mother was just abandoned there, luring in people as a game, to keep her alive.

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