I liked the episode, I LOVED the idea of "mother". Pulling the strings, in a Ben Linus fashion. She was 10 steps ahead. She was so calm and calculating, ready for the next move, and planting seeds all the way. Her agenda was clear. Her intentions running through the entire series from day one.... Children taken, people manipulated. I dont care how she got there, who assigned her "lightmaster", the point is that there are Mothers/Jacobs/Adams throughout the 6 seasons. She is the entity that was missing, she was the magic and mystery of the island that I have been waiting for.

So what little seeds did mother plant for our favorite island:

Special: Who me? there are those who are clearly special (adam, hurley, walt, miles) and those who thought they were (ben, locke, richard, ilana)

Fathers: what fathers, we dont need no stinking fathers! All fathers are BAD on lost, right! They all fail/abandon/disappoint their kids...

Responsibility: aka Blind Faith, Jacob, Locke, Desmond have all been pushing the metaphorical button because "mother" told them too.

Surrogates: How many kids are going to have to get kidapped, taken or separated from their parents JEEZ! Stepdads, adoptions, murdered parents, absentee parents. Why isnt anyone raising their own kids?

Cant wait to see how this all ends, but I am positive Mother already had it figured out, just watching her boys play their game!

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