If I could pick what would be the MOST exciting, and interesting than MIB being Charlie Hume is my choice. For me it fits all the themes of LOST. Desmond is there to save his son from eternity on the island. Knowing that the future will always happen no matter what, he loves his son. Why do Widmore and Eloise want to keep Desmond and Penny apart, no matter what timeline? They dont want their grandson to be the MIB. Desmond trying to save Charlie Pace was a precursor to him trying to save his son. In the same vein I think that babies can't be born on the island, and Clare was told her baby was NOT to be on that plane.... Kids are vulnerable, they are taken away from their parents because they are suceptible to MIB, as a replacement. Why are Dharma kids drawn back to the island?? What do their parents know? Walt disappeared and appeared (like other MIB forms) Walt was somehow cured by the others. The others also took the "tailie" children, and dont forget Alex. They tried to take Aaron.

We have NEVER had an explaination for any of the kids were 'taken' or special....

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