I have not seen any concrete proof that he is actually turning into the smoke monster. I think he may be on the "smoke" side whereas Jacob would be on the 'whispers" side, but is not actually turning into the smoke. Remember back when Locke faced the smoke and it didnt do anything. He saw what the island really was. Eko saw things in the smoke, almost like his life flashed before his eyes. The smoke has chased people and taken familiar forms of other people/things. So why is it that in one second flocke is there and then like superman disappears and the smoke appears.... I believe that just like Ben, Flock can summon the smoke, but has no control over it. The smoke and the whispers are the true mystery of the island, always have been, Jacob and MIB are not its 'forms' but its subjects. Smoke has always been the islands defense, but has always seemed to be selective, have purpose. One day its a horse and the next tearing limbs off... doesnt seem to add up, unless its not all bad... Jacob and MIB are not so separate, at all....

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