• Cucaloo

    This blog is for those who still want to play what if:

    She was not burned, but she has not been heard or seen from? So if Jacob took her place and he has all of the super awesome powers after his death, certainly she had some herself. Why does Jacob appear as a boy sometimes and then as a man other times. Why doesnt MIB know things that Smokey should know? Flocke doesnt know why Widmore is on the island. Whisper it in my ear....WHAT! As smokey he can look into Eko and saw his intire life flash by! Conjure up Christian and Kates horse and other things ONLY they would know? As Ben said, why does Flocke need to walk.... Also, Ben figured out that HE was being summoned by Smokey....but he doesnt fear Flocke. He knows Flocke is another pawn, …

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  • Cucaloo

    Was Christian Sheppard a secret time travelling island visitor, like Eloise? His connection to the island is unmistakeable. His body was never found, he is the force behind all of the major plot twists in LOST. So why not? Why cant he be the lynchpin that holds our frozen donkey wheel together?

    Why was he in Australia?

    Why are so many losties connected to Christian and his family?

    Wheres his body?

    why was his death, so important in recreating the flight back to the island?

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  • Cucaloo

    Looking back I have asked this question since I realized that our Oceanic survivors were not alone..

    Tom Friendly: Here we go. Being all sarcastic and leadery, taking Walt...this guy MUST be pretty powerful..NOT! Hes just another lackey.

    Desmond: when we first saw him I was SURE that this guy was controlling this Island, pulling strings, pushing buttons...WRONG! He was just pushing ONE button.... and didnt really even know why.

    Ben Linus: HERE WE GO, now this is the leader!!!! He has it all figured out right? He is running the show RIGHT!...nope...he answers the the wizard of oz. Just another guy, following another guy, albeit doing an amazing job. Not the head honcho.

    Richard Alpert: this guy is EVERYWHERE, he doesnt age! He knows it all, h…

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  • Cucaloo

    Mother is a bad mutha

    May 12, 2010 by Cucaloo

    I liked the episode, I LOVED the idea of "mother". Pulling the strings, in a Ben Linus fashion. She was 10 steps ahead. She was so calm and calculating, ready for the next move, and planting seeds all the way. Her agenda was clear. Her intentions running through the entire series from day one.... Children taken, people manipulated. I dont care how she got there, who assigned her "lightmaster", the point is that there are Mothers/Jacobs/Adams throughout the 6 seasons. She is the entity that was missing, she was the magic and mystery of the island that I have been waiting for.

    So what little seeds did mother plant for our favorite island:

    Special: Who me? there are those who are clearly special (adam, hurley, walt, miles) and those who th…

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  • Cucaloo

    MIB is Charlie Hume

    May 8, 2010 by Cucaloo

    If I could pick what would be the MOST exciting, and interesting than MIB being Charlie Hume is my choice. For me it fits all the themes of LOST. Desmond is there to save his son from eternity on the island. Knowing that the future will always happen no matter what, he loves his son. Why do Widmore and Eloise want to keep Desmond and Penny apart, no matter what timeline? They dont want their grandson to be the MIB. Desmond trying to save Charlie Pace was a precursor to him trying to save his son. In the same vein I think that babies can't be born on the island, and Clare was told her baby was NOT to be on that plane.... Kids are vulnerable, they are taken away from their parents because they are suceptible to MIB, as a replacement. Why…

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