I know I said I would do the fan fiction but it was killing me, everything got so confusing and I needed to post this. This is what my fan fiction was going to be, it was going to explain everything, the show.

in 5000BC three people were exiled from their home of Sumer. Their names were Adam, Eve, and Samuel. They took a boat and came upon the Island. The Island had not had a human presence there yet. The light was so strong that they were granted eternal life and unique abilities. They could feel that. They had a direct relationship with the Island.

They came upon the cave of light. Samuel went down and the light dimmed, he was then transformed into a smoke monster. He felt that he could go back now without being affected. He did. He told them what was down there, and he wanted to make it more secure. The built stones meant to be in a circle and a a cork. On the cork Samuel wrote in cuneiform script that no one was to take it out. He believed if they took it out, the light would be released, causing everyone to become a smoke monster.

He went down and dug a large hole. He filled it with the stones and compressed the light. He got a smaller hole and put the cork in it. The light came out at a steadier pace now. He also built some water pathways which he would use later to bring the water, granted abilities by the light, to a pool in a Temple they had built while there. He believed this pool could cure wounds.

Before he came out, he noticed a body. It was his. He came out and back to Adam and Eve.

They stayed on the Island for a long time before Egyptians came around 2500BC. The Egyptians were fleeing from Egypt as it was being invaded by Romans. They were meant to reach Angola but came upon the Island instead. They tried to leave but realized they could not. They came back. They met Adam and Eve, but Samuel remained hidden, afraid they would learn the truth about him and then try to kill him.

A woman named Maria met Adam and Eve. She proved herself a candidate to them. See, Adam and Eve could feel that these Egyptians were not being granted the abilities that Adam and Eve had gotten. This is due because the light was much dimmer and paced now. They did realize they could hand the abilities down to a candidate to protect the light from being put out, from having the cork removed.

They told Maria this, just when the Egyptians stormed their camp and killed Adam. Eve and Maria ran to a stream. Eve made her the protector. The ability to do this came to her from the Island. Eve was killed as well. Maria was taken back to her camp.

The next day Maria went in search of the light. She found it, and also found Samuel there, where he fled so others would not find him and Adam and Eve were attacked. He told Maria what happens if you go down there, that you turn into what he was. He told her that he believed to be trapped between this life and the afterlife. His body had broken apart and he could take forms of those in the afterlife. He explained to her that he believed the light to be in the afterlife as well, and if it was to be removed then the light in the afterlife would be gone and everyone would be turned into what he was and go to Hell. He told her she must protect it.

They devised a plan to make their job easier. They killed Maria's people. Some were out hunting, and came back to witness it happen. They fled to the tunnels they had built. They also built a statue of Tawaret. In the tunnels they drew the monster attacking the statue, representing them.

Maria and Samuel found them and killed them. Here Maria made holes in the ground to summon the monster from. She also did so in another place of the Island, where the Dharma Initiative would one day be built and Ben's home would have that room as the "secret room to summon the monster".

Maria and Samuel retreated to the Temple that Adam and Eve had built and lived there happily.

One day Claudia washed up on shore. She gave birth to Jacob and MiB. Maria told Samuel she needed to raise these children as protectors. Maria and Samuel went their separate ways for the time being.

Since they were born on the Island, both boys had a deep connection to it. MiB had more though, and he could see dead people and could feel things. Maria/Mother felt this in him, and decided he was THE candidate for being the protector.

She brought the boys to the light. She wanted MiB to get more of a feeling of what he would be doing soon, protecting that beautiful light.

Then MiB found his people and joined them. Now all she had was Jacob to protect it. Jacob was with his brother and his brother told him that he could leave through that well. Jacob returned and told Maria/Mother this. She decided it was time to make him protector.

She then went to MiB and found him with the wheel. MiB knew how to channel the water and the light because of his direct relationship with the Island. Mother knocked him out and filled the hole. She then asked Samuel to help her kill everyone else. They did.

She and Samuel talked at the light. Maria said she would make Jacob protector. Samuel decided his time was up. He knocked himself out and fell into the light cave. He drowned and joined his other body there. Maria then took Jacob there and made him protector.

Maria returned to the camp and was stabbed by MiB. MiB still believed her to be protector. This is where he would later develop the idea he could kill Jacob if he did not talk, like he did to Maria/Mother. Maria died. Jacob came back and took MiB to the light.

He threw him in, and the same thing happened to him as it did to Samuel. By luck, MiB's body came out the other side instead of just sitting there and becoming skeletons like Samuel's. Jacob laid his brother and mother to rest.

This is the history of the light and the Island. I was going to make it into fan fiction, but I decided to do this instead. What do you guys think? I really want us all to get one final theory on this sort of thing, and I hope this could be the start of it. :)

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