Season 1 - 8 Weeks (September 22 - November 23)

Season 2 - 8 Weeks (November 24 - January 25)

Season 3 - 8 Weeks (January 26 - March 29)

Season 4 - 5 Weeks (March 30 - May 10)

Season 5 - 6 Weeks (May 11 - June 21)

Season 6 - 6 Weeks (June 22 - August 9)

A week would generally go like this: Anytime from Wednesday to Tuesday you watch the episodes for that week. There will be three "discussion days" where everyone will be discussing the episodes. These "discussion days" are Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Then the cycle continues until Season 6 ends. Maybe this will become a hit and it can be an annual thing (Since it ends on August 9, you get a month and a half break, so you should be wanting to watch lost by September 22 of that year)

If you want me to I can post what the episodes will be for each week.

What do you guys think? I tried to make it work for everyone's schedule where there's not a specific discussion day for each episode. Each discussion day is for all of them, not to mention the days in between people will be posting and such. Let me know in the comments below how you think of it!

Oh and keep in mind that double length episodes are counted as two episodes (most of the time)

And PS it's my birthday today ;)

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