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Sometime between 1500BC and 30BC...


Pharaoh Ammon



Ammon: “They’re vicious. They’re power hungry humans whose only concern is owning every bit of land they can get their filthy hands on. They’ve been slowly taking over pieces of land and now they’ve come to ours."

Ammon was telling Adam and Eve about their complete story to this Island. Right now he was describing the Romans and how they were invading people’s lands to gain control of it. Ammon was with a few of his good men. The rest of his people were sitting about a hundred feet up the beach, talking amongst each other. It was afternoon, and everyone was eating supplies that were on the ship.

Adam: “So you wanted to secure your nation by coming over to another part of your world called Angola? But then you ended up here, as you told me.”

Ammon: “Exactly. And unless you know a way off-”

Adam: “I don’t.”

Ammon: “Well then I’m not quite sure how I can leave here. And I can’t tell me people that, either. Without hope they simply won’t be able to handle this life right now. They’re pathetic and weak, but they still are my people.”

Adam: “I’m sure if you were one of them and not Pharaoh, you would be weak as well.”

Ammon had nothing to say to this. He put his arms back into the sand and stretched slightly, looking at the sky.

Ammon: “How long have you been here exactly? If you know, that is.”

Adam: “Eve and I don’t know, though it really doesn’t matter, does it?”

Ammon: “Well I’m sure it hasn’t been too long. You two look fairly young, not old as you’re making this sound.”

Adam: “Well that’s the strange thing. Ever since we got here we haven’t aged. We’ve been blessed.”

Ammon: “Blessed by what?”

Adam looked at Eve for a moment, thinking about telling this Pharaoh about the beautiful, golden light in the cave he had found all those years ago. About what had happened there with Samuel. He decided not to. He didn’t know what it was, but he could sense something not right with this man, as if he was not blessed as they were.

Adam: “A thought that crossed my mind a while ago. Perhaps we are dead? Maybe this is some form of afterlife where we have to prove ourselves worthy of moving on into God’s Heaven? Some sort of “middle world”.

Ammon: “No offense, but I don’t believe you at all.”

Aadam: “I know. But remember what I said, just spend a night here and you may see what I mean.”

Ammon: “Alright Adam, we’ll see, we’ll see.”

Adam: “Well this has been a nice talk.” He said as he stood up with Eve. They both streteched and cracked their backs.

Adam: “I think we should begin to gather some firewood for tonight. Can you get some men on that?”

Ammon looked at his men and they began walking to the jungle.

Adam: “Don’t go more then a mile in!” he yelled after them.

Adam: “Eve and I are going to go back to our home for awhile. We’ll be back here in a few hours or so.”

Ammon: “Alright, we’ll have firewood by then.”

Ammon walked over to his people and Adam and Eve walked to their home. Little did Ammon know that their home, being the caves, was the last place Adam could think of going at the moment.


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