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Sometime between 1500BC and 30BC...


Pharaoh Ammon



Eve: “Adam, Adam wake up.” Eve was shaking Adam. It was just hitting dawn outside.

Adam: “Wha-what?”

Eve: “Adam, they’re back.”

Adam sat upright and got dressed. He and Eve walked out onto the beach and watched Ammon’s ship come in. He was right, they had come back.

The ship stopped near the shoreline, and a small boat came off the side. Ammon and a few men that Adam recognized from last time were on it. They rowed to the shore and got off. Ammon looked angry and confused. He threw his paddle down and glared at Adam. Ammon started walking quickly towards him, his men following.

Ammon: “Why is it that whenever I try to leave I CAN’T!?” he yelled at Adam.

Adam: “Because once you come here you can’t just leave normally. No, you always end up right where you started. Like a circle.” As soon as Adam finished these words, Ammon grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close.

He whispered in his ear, “Listen here, Adam. You’re going to tell me how to leave this horrible place, or you and your little friend there are going to die. Am I clear?”

Adam started to chuckle.

Adam: “Ammon I’ve already given you your answer, you can’t leave! Believe me I’ve tried!”

Ammon through him onto the sand. Eve crouched down and helped him up.

Eve: “You leave him alone! He gave you what you wanted to know so you leave him alone! You hear?”

Ammon: “Oh I hear just fine. What I’m hearing is the nonsense your friend Adam here has blabbed about to me. About moving Islands and how many people I have on my ship. You didn’t do as I asked Adam, so now I’m going to do as I said I would!”

Ammon took a knife out of his pocket. Eve shrieked. Suddenly a noise came from the trees. Like an elephant almost. Then ticking. Trees began to fall. Ammon and his men looked in horror as the noise drew closer. They began to back up.

Ammon: “What is that!?”

Adam just looked at him for a moment, then spoke.

Adam: “Ammon I promise you that if you run back to your boat, that thing in the jungle is going to come out and rip you and your men in half. So, I advise you stay right where you are.”

Ammon: “Oh yeah and why should I trust you, hm?”

Another noise like an elephant came, this time much, much louder. A huge tree toppled over. Ammon dropped his knife into the sand, and Adam hurried over and grabbed it and stood up with Eve. Ammon’s men drew their weapons.

Ammon: “If we put our weapons down can we trust you’ll do the same?”

Adam: “Yes.”

Ammon’s men holstered their knives, and Adam put his on the sand at his feet.

Adam: “That thing in the jungle, I control it. If you let me speak to you like normal, civilized people, I will make it go away.”

Ammon stared into the jungle, and the ticking sound came closer. He immediately agreed. The sound faded and then disappeared.

Adam: “If you try anything, it will come back. Understand?”

Ammon nodded, as his men did.

Adam: “Good. Now I think it’s time for a little palaver. The last time we spoke, you said you were fleeing from your home. Why, again?

Ammon: “There was an imminent attack on us by the Romans. We took a lot of our supplies and people and fled. We left an army of men behind to fight, and they were to send a message throughout the lands to Angola, where we were supposed to come to on our boat. We would then return. We came upon this island on our way to Angola. And, unfortunately, were met by you’re vague attitude.”

Adam: “Interesting, we had somewhat of a similar story, Eve and I here. We were exiled from our home of Sumer a long time ago.”

Ammon: “Excuse me, did you say Sumer?”

Adam: “Yes, thousands of years ago, or at least it feels. Time is funny on this Island, you see. Weather changes in instants and night can turn to day in a matter of minutes. We think this to be caused by the Island’s movement.”

Ammon: “You come back to the Island’s movement. How do you know it can do such a thing?”

Adam: “It tells us.”

Ammon: “What tells you?”

Adam: “The Island.” He said very casually.

Ammon laughed in disbelief.

Ammon: “You expect me to believe that this here rock speaks to you and moves through the ocean!?”

Adam: “Not believe. I couldn’t make you believe; only you can do that. No, I want you to accept that such things could occur. You have not seen everything and you certainly don’t know everything, Pharaoh Ammon.”

Ammon: “Fair enough. But then tell me, Adam, how does the Island do such things?”

Adam: “I am not sure. Though, I imagine this island as a garden. Separated from the rest of the world and humanity. Separated from its hate and fighting. This island is a perfect haven of supernatural abilities. We are the first human presence here, but now I can certainly see we won’t be the last. Listen, Ammon. Why don’t you stay here for the night? Set up your camp on the beach, or stay in your ship if you want. But just stay here, on this island for one night, and perhaps you’ll understand me better. You know it’s difficult to escape, you’ve tried it already. So just stay and see if we can figure something out for you, all right?”

Adam stuck his hand out. Ammon looked at it reluctantly, then shook it.

Ammon: “Fine. We shall stay the night.”

Ammon walked with his men back to the boat and rowed to the ship and told everyone of the new plan. The day had just begun.

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