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Sometime between 1500BC and 30BC...


Pharaoh Ammon


Adam: “What is your name?

Ammon: “I am Pharaoh Ammon of Egypt, Africa.”

Adam: “Well, Pharaoh Ammon, it appears that wherever you were going was intercepted by this here Island”

Ammon: “Island?? Where am I, Adam??”

Adam: “An Island, as I just said.”

Ammon was getting more and more angry. He had no idea where he was and this vague man named Adam sure wasn’t helping his situation. He decided to try to calm down.

Ammon: “Adam, if you could please help us. We were sailing to Angola. One day we were on the western coast of Africa, and after we woke up we were suddenly in front of this island. Could you please tell us where this island is so we can set sail and go to Angola?”

Adam: “Well, Pharaoh Ammon, that’s actually harder then you think.”

Ammon: “What’s harder?”

Adam: “To tell you where this island is.”

Ammon: “You don’t know where it is? God’s sake you live on this rock! How can you not know where it is?? Obviously we couldn’t have gotten far from Africa since it was just one night we may have been off course! I should be able to go onto that beach and see Africa’s coast!”

Adam: “Tell me, Ammon, how did you get here? How did you get onto this island?”

Ammon: “A boat. As I said before, we sailed here.”

Adam: “I’m sorry but I wouldn’t know you took a boat since I don’t know that word, “sailed”. Ammon looked at Adam curiously.

Adam: “Anyways, Ammon, you asked why it’s hard for me to determine where this island is. Well I’ll answer, if you tell me how many people you’ve brought here. How many men, women, and children? Oh and of course infants, as well.”

Ammon: “Why would I tell you that?”

Adam: “Well I’d find out one way or another, but if you want to know where you are then you must answer my one question.” Too desperate to know where he was, Ammon told Adam how many people he had.”

Ammon: “Thirty men, forty-five women, thirty-five children, and one infant.”

Adam thought to himself, “one infant? I wonder if he could do...

Adam: “Thank-you. Now, as to where this island is, it changes.”

Ammon: “Excuse me?” Ammon’s men looked worriedly at each other. They may have stumbled upon a crazy man.

Adam: “You heard me right. The location changes. This island is constantly moving.”

Ammon: “How is that possible!?” Adam chuckled at that.

Adam: “Open your mind up, Ammon. There’s much to learn about this world.”

Ammon: “I’m done with you and your crazy thoughts, Adam.” Ammon turned to leave the caves and his men followed.

Adam: “You’ll be back, Pharaoh Ammon! You’ll see!”

Ammon stopped to think about this for a second, and then continued with his men through the jungle and the way he came. He came out onto the beach and his ship. Ammon noticed that it was now twilight outside. “But it was early morning when I entered the caves!” he thought to himself. He brushed those thoughts away and readied his ship for leaving. He was sailing away from this island no matter where it was. He just wanted off.

Adam stepped out of the jungle and onto the beach, watching the great boat leave. Someone else stepped out beside him. She was female, and was clothed as he was.

Adam: “Hello, Eve.”

Eve: “How did they find the Island?” She said as she watched the ship.

Adam: “They didn’t. It found them.” Eve turned and faced Adam.

Eve: “How many?”

Adam: “One. He might be a candidate.”

Eve: “I hope so. We can’t do this forever.”

Adam: “We'll do it as long as we can.” Adam put his arm around her and kissed her forehead, as the boat disappeared into the horizon.


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