See, everyone is so concerned about that damn eye and who's it is. I have some bad news for you "eye" guys. The person's eye is just some random guy who was hired before 2004 to promote the show. So please, stop theorizing about it. It's not some big thing. Anyway back to my theory of what the Season 6 Beginning Scene will be:

It starts out with a girl running in the jungle. We don't see her face, or much of her body. Kinda like when we saw Karl getting into the boat to warn the Losties about The Others in season 3. Anyway she's running through the jungle and finds herself on the beach. She begins to hear a really loud noise, and a bright flash of light occurs. She wakes up on the beach again and looks around. Scattered on the beach is everyone from 1977 (Jack, Hurley, Kate, etc...). The camera does one of those turn around things (like Michael in Two For The Road) and it shows it's Claire.

See, everyone thinks the scene will be about what happens to Jack and them after the bomb goes off. But we all forgot about Claire! I expect some flashbacks of Claire in season 6 of when she was traveling through the time flashes.

What do you guys think?

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