Attention Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms Lostpedia Creator an/or Admin,

I have tried to find a way to contact you once, and then I gave up. So, without any way to contact you, I will write to you here and hope you read this.

It has come to my attention of a few certain 'names' that if you could, should put into the online dictionary here so no red squiggly line appears underneath it.

The following words are: Flocke, Unlocke, Esau, Dawson, Reyes, and of course; LOSTPEDIA!

If you can please make the computer recognize it as real names, because this is after all a Lost website and finding that the names aren't classified as 'real' is a little too much for me to handle! Yes, I'm very passionate about the show.

What do ya say fellow Lostpedians? (Oh ya, Lostpedian should be a word too.) Who's with me!


Crazy4lost, aka The Time Keeper,

And everyone on Lostpedia

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